London 2006

Anyone else aiming for this ?

2005 thread was very inspirational - hope we can get one going for 2006



  • Can I join in; theoretically I rekon this is my fastest concievable time, and there is a whole year to train.
  • Hi Welsh Alex

    The more the merrier. 3:30 is a big ask of me to as my last marathon (2004) was 3:56 but I have previously run 3:42 so it would be great to get down to 3:30 in my tenth London.

    I am focusing more on 2006 over this whole year. I have had a gym programme designed by a personal trainer and am doing this twice a week for upper body and core stability. I also want (need) to lose weight. Currently 11.12 but want to be around 10.8 at Marathon time. Of course I have to get a place via the ballot first !
  • yes please sir can i play?
  • Welcome Edward !

    Thats 3 of us then ! Looks like most of the guys on last years 3:30 thread achieved it so hoping for the same kind of advice / encouragement and tip sharing this year for us 3:30 'virgins'

    Did you run this year Ed ?
  • Yep, count me in, however this means that i will have to knock an hour off this years time.
    I only managed to beat 2004's time by 4 minutes.
    Ah what the hell, i've got 49 weeks to get my arse in gear.
  • Im in, got to lose a few pound through the summer, but im well up for it.
  • Yep, me too. I had to defer due to illness with 24hrs to go this year, so i should have a place. I plan to do a marathon in July to please my FLM sponsors, so it'll be a good indicator. Never marathoned before.
  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭
    Greetings all,

    After this years disappointment, but with the support of the 2005 sub 3:30 anything is possible - Im in if I get in.....

  • Afternoon all,

    I need to nock just over half an hour off my FLM time this year. Managed 4:05 comfortably and would have been faster but for crowds slowing some miles down.

    Anyone got any 48 week schedules ?
  • I am aiming at doing the St Albans half in June to gauge current fitness. Last half was at Fleet 1:46:53. The RW schedules advise that for a 3:30 marathon you should eventually be able to run a 1:37 half - blimey my PB is only 1:35, So I need to knock 10 mins off my Fleet time !! My last half of the year is targeted for Bedford in December so I would love to be around 1:38/39 for that (I know I am capable as I run Brighton in 1:41)

  • 3:30,

    My best half in the last year was Forest of Dean at 1:46. However I felt like cr**, had a really bad right knee and started off slowly. I think that given the right conditions and a flat race I could easily do better.

    Have done 1:16 for a 10 miler recently which would only be a 1:41 half so I still have work to do. Can do a 21 minute 5k and a 45 10k.

    All recent times.

    What should we be working on, speed over 10k & half marathons I imagine ?
  • Pammie*Pammie* ✭✭✭
    Reckon you can WA. Have a pop over to the Mcmillan calculator you might be pleasantly surprised. Of course you need to do the appropriate training. ie. long runs.

    WA Jack daniels does 24 week schedules so you can do that twice i suppose ;O)

  • Jack Daniels ? But I don't drink !

    (although I have heard elsewhere on these forums that Gin gives a magical boost when imbibed at about 17 miles)

  • Please remind me where to find the McMillan calcularor - just had a peek on their site and it is not obvious.
  • WA

    Over the summer months I awill be trying to work on speed over shoter distances up to 10k but still doing a lnger run at weekends and trying to do the odd half. After my hols ir mid August I will be putting in the miles and more miles hopuing for big mileage for September - December to give myself a good base for when the serious schedules start in January time. Anyonr got any particular schedule they like ? I tried Hal Higdon but his schedules seem very low in mileage during the week, and I think I struggled over the last 6 in 2004 because of it

  • aha - its
  • Hope so! but I'll be sitting finals so we'll see.
    Deferred GFA so guaranteed place.

  • Hi DG - Looks like 3:30 could be a popular target.

    I am considering a light bit of training tonight, it will be the first since the FLM. Doing the Great Welsh Run on Monday, 5 miles.

    Might brouse last years 3:30 thread to see what did it for them.
  • Count me in.

    Three FLMs in 4:03 2002, 3:48 (2004) and 3:36 (this year).

    I think the difference is all in the speed training. Once I started using a proper pace monitor (Nike SDM) I found that I was running too slow and too short in my training.

    I've also found that the pen you start in makes a massive difference. Pen 2 or 3 is recommended.

  • 3:30 or bust - hi yes i did run this year my first mara 3.40. i feel that i didnt do enough 20 milers in training and i paid for it at the 23mile stage through to 25 dropped down 10 minute miling!

    Really enjoyed the day mind :-D

  • I was in on pen 5 this year, but nipped to the toilet after the start gun and ended up near the back. Was overtaking all through the race but hemmed in most of the time.
  • Alex - i was in pen 5 too, i got a good start, but thats awful i feel so sorry for you! :-(
  • I fancy a go at this if I get through the ballot. That macmillan calculator says my 10mile pb means I can run a 3.19 Marathon! Bring it on!

  • I have put my times in to the calc on this site and get

    05k 21min 03:21:12
    10k 45min 03:26:48
    10m 76min 03:30:57
    1/2 106mn 03:41:00

    So theoretically I should be able to make it, but the re is a pattern there which shows that currently as the distance gets longer I get more and more behind the race time predictor. Hopefully this is a problem with my training and not with the theory.
  • I'm in. Did FLM in 2003 in 3 hr 58 mins- haven't done it since cos haven't got in through the ballot.

    Am going to do it next year- if not through ballot then a charity place.

    Best half-marathon time is 1 hr 36 mins so I should be able to do it with a lot of work, eh?
  • i did FLM in 3.40 but my best half mara is 1.28!!!! i just seem to die in the last 6 miles thats why i think i didny do enough 20 milers in training before hand
  • Hi all - I was one of this year's "3:30-ers" - and managed 3:23.

    Tips? Get your long runs in, don't skimp on the speedwork and learn to run 8 minute miles in your sleep - I was dead pleased to achieve my goal, but equally pleased with the way my pacing went - 1st half in 1;41, second in 1:42, quickest mile 7:20, slowest 8:15.

    Good luck! I'm chasing a 3:15 this year to get a GFA time.

    Speaking of LSRs I'm off for a swift 10 miles now before a 20 miler tomorrow!
  • Hi All, only just seen this thread, looks like I need to join.

    Sub 3:30 or bust, looks like you and I have similar stories.I did a 3:39:46 back in 2002 but since then have only managed 3:56(03),3:58(04)& 3:55 this year. Cant seem to get back near my PB.Will have to do a lot more training than my usuall:sit on me @rse til Nov,train a little Dec then start a schedule in Jan. Will need to lose about a stone(at least)! Really want to keep my levels of fitness up this year, plan to start hitting some 10ks soon.Then when the weather starts to cool again(oct) plan to start hitting 1/2s.Then hopefully come Jan I will be a lot fitter than the norm and hit some serious Training Schedule.

    Well thans the idea anyway???????????????

  • Woony

    Looks likr we are in the same boat ! Times are similar as well as the target weight loss ! Must admit though with the weather being so good I have had a few beers this weekend but back to running tomorrow.

    I have had an ambition to run 3:30 for years and time is not on my side so 2006 here we come ! I have afriend who has a 2:30 under his belt so I have have a good mentor ! but I am hoping this forum will give me further tips and advice !
  • Hello - may I tentatively join this group???
    I ran first Marathon this year @ London and got 3.54 - A long way off 3.30 but it was my first time and i have learnt alot from it.
    Regularly run 1.35 halfs ( mini aim for next 6 months is to get this down to 1.30) and so i think i should be able to realistically aim for 3.30 with the right training.
    Training this year was good but certainly was not the best i can do and i hope with a little more dedicated running ( and LONGER training runs) I should be able to at least try for 3.30. Is this a possibility or am I being a little over ambitious???
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