Woodbridge 10k

Have just got my number for this one and found out it is now closed. Seems to be very popular so am curious why? as I have been told the course is quite testing.


  • apparantly last year , it was oversubscibed by 300!! i have entered but have not recieved my number so think i may be unlucky. Not sure why its so popular, know its a "must do" for all the local running clubs and it has a strict time limit. 75 mins and youre on your own!
  • It's probably the sweatshop discount that comes with the entry! i've signed mainly cos it's close.
  • Did u get in caramac? Have spoken to a few locals and it seems there is a bit of a carnival atmosphere - people spraying u with water on a hot day - lots of support on the streets - so we shall see - not a pb course by all accounts!
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