Sat 30th April 2005

Can't believe I ran midfoot down Bishopsgate wearing my clunky adidas clogs. Am looking forward to last day of post-FLM recovery so I can resume 'easy' training from Sunday.

What: Kids' monthly handicap. CV on Bike, leg-work, stretches. Dinner party in the evening.
Why: Strength building
LastHard: FLM05
LastRest: 23Apr05

Good luck to all racers.


  • alehousealehouse ✭✭✭
    Nrg-b, I assume its the kids' monthly handicap and the dinner party that are strength building.

    What: weights, bike etc
    Why: stress fractures both shins
    Last run: March 23
    Last rest: since March 23
    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • What: 12 miles with running group - lots of chatter - so much so that a few of us missed the turnoff and had to climb a steep hill that we otherwise wouldn't have had to.
    Why: last long run before next Saturday's marathon.
    Good luck to all those racing this weekend.
  • morning all

    quick post before work , no running until tonight for me.

    what : 6 mile recovery pm

    why : need a easy as im thinking of running to work tomorrow ( 14 miles ).

    last hard : yeaterday

    Last rest : 9 days

    good racing or resting everyone
  • Happy Birthday Drew, for yesterday

    Xerxes, it was The Alarm but with Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke!

    Morning all
    Really busy evening last night but I did squeeze in a 2nd run of 4M

    What: 6M steady am, something faster pm
    Why: cannot decide just yet!

    Last hard: 4 days
    Last rest: 11 days

    Have a good bank holiday all, I was planning to race tomorrow but ditched that idea. A non measured course & not organised by a club, I never like those affairs!!!
  • Morning,

    What: LSD - head into the North York Moors to Danby
    Why: Still easy running but there I places I want to run to just for the fun of it.

    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest: 12 days I think.

    Have a goodly day.
  • Morning...I know the song!

    What...3 miles
    Why...Short easy recovery

    Last hard...yesterday 12 miles LSR for the week
    Last rest...Wednesday

    It ain't what you they say!

    Could we have the sun back please!
  • Morning

    Sorry no read forum yesterday or the night before.
    So happy birthday Drew and any racers well done:-)

    Sadly my back went into spasms again this time pain lasted over 15 hours and the worst ever pain, already on 2 lots of painkillers but one lot is making me sick(I hate taking drugs of any kind) friend rang me and demanded i get a GP to see me ASAP this is the 4th time in a week back has gone.I have to take a muscle relaxant Diazapan not happy about taking it but It worked.had 10 hours but this is just masking the pain and not getting to the cause which worrys me!!

    So I cant get down stairs never mind trying to think of running and this a long weekend:-( and lost 3 days work we are a small company and only myself who does my work so I cant afford to have time of work my job could be in jepody!!!

    Hope everyone has a good day and those LSR enjoy it have a couple of miles for me.

    Good luck all racers and enjoy the bank holiday!!!
    Live each day as if it was your last  give it all you have to reap the rewards.
  • WP, hope your back better soon!!!

    7M done with speedier youngster, OK not really quick but for me at 6:15am it has hard enough, should make this afternoon interesting :-)
  • Morning

    Drew - Happy Birthday for yesterday.

    Went straight out from work yesterday, had a bit of a session in Covent Garden, which meant didn't get a run in this morning, but will hope to get one in after work.

    What: 4-6 miles would be good.

    Why: Keeping training consistant

    Last Hard: Thursday

    Last Rest: 7 Days - Nearly cathing BR up:o)

    Enjoy your bank holiday weekend.
  • Doesn't sound too good Welsh Poppy - hope someone can fix you soon.
  • Morning all

    I'd like to the sun back too, because...

    What: Special run through the bluebell woods, which are spectacularly pretty when the sun's out - One hour @ <75%MaxHR

    Why: That Base Training lark again
    Last Hard: White Horse HM
    Last Rest: 8 days

    Off to test drive a new mini this afternoon as I have to speedily replace my car which was written off after being smashed into at high speed on the M1 a couple of weeks ago.... there but by the grace of God, etc.

    Run safe and happy all.

  • WP - really feel for you. I have period back problems, which aren't anywhere near as bad as yours sound, but are really unpleasant and frustrating. Never got anywhere with my GP but I swear by my osteopath.

  • Period = periodic !!

    (That'd be something else entirely!! Blimey only been on this fred a couple of days and I'm embarrassing meself already! I'll get me coat!)
  • Morning!

    What: 3+ hours slowly
    why: last long one before taper
    last hard: ummm... last Saturday
    last rest: nearly all week cos I felt dodgy.

  • Morning all- enjoying this thread after moving over from 2:45 thread- apologies for barging in so clumsily!

    What: 8 miles steady
    Why: I lack imagination and I just love my 8 mile route which takes me through windsor great park.
    Last Rest: Wednesday
    Last Hard: FLM

    Thanks BR, FAB for advice on lyrics

    Those who have followed the 2:45 thread will know that I have a long list of marathons under my belt but that 2:45 target remains elusive. Hopefully marathon number 20- Cardiff will be different.

  • debbodebbo ✭✭✭
    WP - commiserations - hope you get your back sorted soon. Hang in there!

    What: cycle and 750m swim
    Why: don't want to do too much running at the moment as back still sore after Lochaber
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: thursday
  • morning,

    lashing down this morning, thought they said it was going to be a nice weekend?

    good wishes for speedie shin recovery alehouse, not nice.

    WP you're having an awful time, can't the gp refer you to a back specialist if he's unable to diagnose?

    aggie - new mini, i'd love one my car is starting to feel it's age. done too many miles (sounds like me)

    first track race of the season for me tomorrow, some trepidation - it's not my specialist subject but trying to think of it as speed training part of my 10k plan.

    what - rest day
    why - race tomorrow
    last hard - thursday
    last rest - monday

    good luck all racers and have a great bank hol all
  • Morning,

    Long time no forum, even had to get RW to send my old password as I've got a new computer and had lost old cookies.

    I've been prompted to log on after a long phone call with another forumite the other night regarding an event we have recklessly gone in for, more will be revealed soon! The pressure's on to train in the meantime, so plan to post regularly from now on, or risk humiliation in July. (erm, do you want to admit it now LB?)

    Must pass on belated congrats to everyone's marathon efforts but in particular Hilly, I believe you ran an amazing 3.06? That's fantastic and totally deserved, you must still be on a high.

    WP, I'm really sorry to hear about your back, please get proper help from a good osteopath. I know just how debilitating it is, especially with the job pressure on top, take care.

    Training wise running 4 times/week, plus I've started climbing which is not only great fun but brilliant strength training and good for my back. My neck/shoulder probs from this winter have been traced back to an 18 yr old skiing injury (broke femur twice in 3 years) so have exercises for improving my core stability. I'll never get full mobility back in my hip but so long as I can still run, climb & be active without back pain I'm happy.

    What: Coniston fell race, 9 miles, 3500 ft ascent.
    Why: Personal start of fell racing season. Terrible weather!
    Last hard: Thurs - 1.5 hr run, plus 2.5 hrs climbing.
    Last rest: yesterday.

    have a good weekend all.
  • WP - get it seen to!

    SR - good to have you back:)

    What: 8 miles am / Hull vs Sheff Weds pm

    Why: recovery / to lord it over Yorkshire rivals that we're going up:)

    Last hard: Weds

    Last rest: 190 days
  • Alan-you hear yet.
  • morning all,

    WP - sorry to hear of your continued woes. Hope things pick up soon.

    SR - Good to see you posting again.

    what : rest and Burnley v Argyle
    why : prep for LSD tomorrow (the rest not the football bit)
    last hard : weds
    last rest : friday

    left achiles a bit tight today but hopefully won't stop tomorrow's 21 i got planned.

    As no running today it's the end of the month report.

    152 miles (highest ever) over 20 days of running.

    Have a good weekend all and good luck racers
  • WP - that sounds awful. i hope the pain eases quickly.

    As with nrg-b i too have been mid-foot striking in clunky trainers. It felt really good and i had no problems from my knees so i think i'm going to adopt this style. Will have to buy some suitable trainers though.

    Foot still hurt so i'm edging towards another 2-6 weeks off and just cycling/swimming/rowing/weight-training. I think my one aim is the reading half next year ...... so i can take the time of running now.

    what: 2 miles
    why: test foot and mid-foot style

    have a great weekend. i'm off to the seaside now till sunday.
  • Morning

    Nice running yesterday URR & Paul, a belated Happy Bday Drew, get well soon WP and welcome back SR.

    What: 12 mile canal run
    Why: Racing on Monday but want to maintain at least one longish run per week

    Last Hard: Thursday
    Last Rest: 13 days

  • BT - Are you doing (Tim) Sutton 10k? Remember you did it last year?

    What? AM 1h very easy club run / PM 3000m LICC
    Why? Get legs moving
    Last rest? -
    Last hard? Yesterday

  • SR, was only thinking about your crazy adventures the other day!!!

    WP, & other back sufferers.
    Have just found this link & whilst it doen't solve your problems it gives an idea how to start the road to recovery :-)
    <a href="target="_blank">back trouble

    URR, they wouldn't cough up the appearance fee!!! ;-)
    BTW, theres also a little village a few mile from me that is called Sutton, so I get to see my name in lights [well on road signs] quite often.
    Spending my bank holiday studying :-)
    Race well.
  • Morning.

    WP, I was put on those muscle relaxants when my back was at its worse several years ago, but they made me feel very queer so I stopped taking them. That was the time I was nearly admitted to hospital for the pain. So I really do understand and feel for you! Are you sure it's not a prolapsed disk as it certainly sounds like it. Once the pain has settled enough to be able to move I really would get some EXPERT advice. I was referred to Orthopaedics and was then given scans etc to find the cause of my pain. There wasn't much they could do, as I wasn't going down the road of surgery, so they gave me advice on how to manage it. Fingers crossed that the pain will be over soon!

    SC, thank you and yes I'm kind of still living FLM in my dreams:o) Good to see you posting again and can't wait to hear about this secret event you and Lizzy have entered!

    Welcome LLL, where have you been lately? I've not seen any posts from you for a while!

    Good luck all racers!

    what:7 miles d&d at easy pace, swim later
    why:recovery continues but increasing miles slowly and just fancy the swim for a general body conditioning
    last hard:flm
    last rest:6 days

    Happy running/resting/racing!
  • Thanks for the link BT. I've been told to strengthen my core with a specific programme and Pilates is something I've been meaning to take up, so will hunt out a class. I've got a Pilates tape, but it's a bit difficult when I'm not sure I'm doing it right, so I think I need a class situation.
  • Hi all,

    Am new to this thread, but I already know some of you (hilly, LLL) :-)

    what: 5-8k pm
    why: getting back into training after FLM
    last hard: FLM
    last rest: yesterday

  • Afternoon all,
    5K yesterday at 10k race pace, I managed in 16:53, though not sure exactly how accurate my route is, but its probably within 200m or so of being realistic!
    Tough work though, considering the track session I did on Thursday. feel good today though!

    pm: 5-mile at 8mm pace, easing back for Whitstable 10k on Monday. (wonder if BTs group are set to white wash us mere mortals! :) )

    Why: Aerobic endurance today and easing off the gas pedal ready for race.

    Paul Mainwaring:

    Nice time that! I nearly took part in that race myself yesterday, though had to can the idea due to something cropping up.

    I would imagine my team mate finished about 1min behind you at a guess, he is good for a vet50! :)

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