Triple H - Hopeful, happy and honest....

Best weighing scales to all!

Benz - hope that you get some sleep.


  • b*gger! ...just beat me Fi!

    ...was going to call mine "the wild the innocent and the beautiful FFFs - and whats so funny 'bout peace , love and understanding?'
    not too dissimilar methinks

    ...anyway peeps, I think there must have been a full moon yesterday (aka 2 nights ago), and I don't know if it was my own paranoia, but I did think I had detected a rising tetchiness over the last few days, which seemed to be a bit evident here, but which as we all know is completetely daft

    life is hard enough, as many contributers to this particular forum have shown by their honest postings in good faith

    to fall out with people you don't know, or post inflammatory statements, scary musings or whatever, on the Runners World forum is bonkers

    er thats what I think
  • er beat me by 28 minutes that is!

    but was looking for missing 2nd paragraph...

    ...I think that many people have gained no small degree of support , encouragement, friendship, laughs etc from fellow forumites here, strangers or not..
  • yeah, i agree
    sorry to miss you tonite, just got home
  • Hey BGA - whose falling out - btw you are right about full moon was thursday 7.10pm in Gemini for anyone whose into astrobabble - definitely sent me a little luna -tic!

    Nite Lite NiteSiders

    Morning Larks- probably wont catch up as manic stressmas shopping is needed! will be in and out but sure to be swooping in the Dark later
  • btw spicy shortbread cookie anybody ?
  • or a spincey mie?
  • Morning everyone. I'm just about to go out the door but wanted to say that I'm feeling okay today despite spending half the night in the 'over sink' position. Jeez, when the onc says something he doesn't dress it up eh! He said I was 'likely to be more sickly' and he wasn't joking. Anyway, it's passed for now although not eating a great deal. No exercise today but I am driving myself to Clatterbridge this morning which I think is a big achievement in itself! Whoo hoo!

    Thanks to Will, Pix and Tulios for yesterday afternoon ((group hug)).

    Glenn - miserable bugger. Hugging is good for you you know :o) ((HUGHUGHUG))
  • Tulios = Tulips (it's too early)
  • im off to work, catchya later
  • And a good morning to you too Cath! >>squirms<< :-)

    Hope you don't feel too bad now - see you later I hope.

    [and if you lot think I'm repressed even on the forums you should be grateful you don't know me in real life]
  • Morning Benz. Roll on 5pm!
  • Morning all - hugs for Benz and Cath (and anyone who arrives late feeling delicate)

    Glenn, repressed? (I must have missed some very strange postings last night) this is the man who couldn't run after pulling a muscle on the dance floor and invites strange women to bring him herring pickled in brine!!
  • Who says Pixie is strange?
  • G - if I rise to that one she's bound to be lurking and come and batter me.

    Of course I only used examples which were in the public domain, we won't mention the barmaid, the Chocolate Orange McFlurry & the chandelier!
  • doh - that's done it now!
  • It was the only way I could think of improving the flavour of the McFlurry.
  • (groans after DS party went on late!)

    morning all!
  • Hi Barkles. Hope you and Badger enjoyed the sprouts.

    You lot left the DS in a bit of a state last night. Only Iain and I to clear up afterwards too.
  • Good morning, all. What have you been up to? I'm not going to bother to read through the old posts if you've been squabbling.
  • Theres only 20 of 'em v-rap!! tsk! call yourself a forumite!
  • I meant yesterday's posts, Shazza. I was otherwise occupied all day and from all this talk about full moons earlier in this thread it may be just as well. If all the loonies were on the bus, they would have been fighting to get the seat next to mine.
  • Morning V-rap. I don't know what they're talking about either btw. And in my case it's not through lack of forum time...
  • Morning Pixie. Where are you today?
  • Morning everyone, who's been squabbling then? Doesn't sound like the friendly fatties I know and love, must have been some interlopers.

    Had too much wine last night and then too many chocolates (well, you know what I mean because you can never really have too many chocolates!) Feeling fat today but don't care, it's nearly Christmas, hoorah!!!!!
  • That tsk didnt really work did it? "tut" doesnt really convey what I was trying to say either. Does anyone have any idea how to write, well you know, that tutty thing?
  • Morning Redhead. Too much wine is also a meaningless concept, although the third bottle is sometimes a mistake.

    Thought you were usually at home on Fridays EP?
  • You're having trouble getting the hang of this thread aren't you Chimp? We don't say "tsk" or "tut". We don't even think it.
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