Friday session, 20 Dec 2002

What: We shall be running up to 6 of your Earth miles at a steady pace.
Why: Galactic conquest, and because we need to.

Last hard: When we crossed your asteroid belt. and, upper body the other day.
Last rest: Yesterday, plugged into recharger unit 7.



  • What: 6 Miles Easy, 39 minutes
    Why: Recovery from my 'hard' week, hahaha
    Last Hard:???
    Last Rest: Tuesday

    Fell over twice today. First time on the tarmac, which butchered my left arm, my right hand, both knees and my HRM. I then carried on with my run, and fell over in the park, coating myself in mud. Great stuff. Just not my week, is it?
  • What: 6 Miles
    Why: Schedule Says so.
    Last Hard: Sunday
    Last Rest: Monday

    Looking forward to Christmas!
  • KK

    Clearly Psi has been partly assimilated .... and the Borg are out for you too.

    HRM's are obviously their point of entry - hence their attack on yours. IHRR rescue, where are you ! The only way to save Earth is for the rest of us is to lock our HRM's away until we are advised it is safe ...

  • what: 10 miles
    why: try to add another mile to the tempo run. 65 mins would be my dreams.

    last hard day: Tue
    last long day: Sun
    last rest day: Thu
  • What: 6 -7 miles fastish
    Why: I need a quality session

    Last Hard : Wednesday
    Last Rest : Tuesday
  • I missed my early morning slot so nothing! Friends to stay. Up talking till 3am, all the children awake at 6am.
    Poor old KK - PSI...what's that all about? Happy running everyone
  • KK - where do you do your Body Balance. Are there many in the class? Where I teach we never get more than three in all three BB classes (it's not just me!)
  • Fitness First, Reading (Meadway Shopping Centre). Normally in the high 'teens, but this week there was only 4, due to Xmas parties we reckon. Obviously the class used up my weeks reserve of 'balance' last night!
  • what: Running off the food and drink of xmas parties this week. - 4-6 miles easy

    why: bloated

  • Morning Goons

    What: rest

    Why: Driving down to Kent to see the mother in law and need to reserve some energy for tomorrows ritual whooping at squash, need to at least give her a game...

    Last hard: Club night last night.

    Last Rest: Sunday

    As I will be in Canterbury on Saturday, can anyone please advise on a decent running shop.

    Have a good weekend all and see you Monday.
  • What: Upper body weights and a few abs/lower back exercises

    Why: Ran yesterday, running tomorrow

    Last hard: Felt a bit hard yesterday, very cold, sore heels and a stitch

    Last rest: Fell asleep on the floor on Wednesday evening, missed my run

    Put my orthotics back in my shoes, heels feel much better. If anyone cares.
  • Glad to hear it Runner Bean. I'm looking forward to getting my orthotics back too. I got them sent back to the lab for modification (they need a larger heel raise to take the pressure off my achilles). And the first few days WALKING without them felt weird/painful.
    Enjoy the weights...
  • Hello people - festive whatsits to all.

    What: Rest. Oh, and spend time browsing the 'blisters' threads.
    Why: Need to recover.
    Hard: Yesterday - intervals.
    Rest: Wednesday.

    Not very exciting, but I can't be fascinating every day!
  • Another not really running runner post. managed a whole 10mins on the treadmill last night at a scintillating 9mi/min before knee began to ache. still that's twice as long as last week. And then i did a hard interval session on the rotex unit without running these are getting harder as the fitness goes :-((.

    so today

    what : maybe 60mins steady cycle
    why: moderate the running
    last hard day : yesterday
    last rest : weds

  • cheer up everybody - all over the world it's the season of peace and goodwill to all mankind -

    - except in Washington where Bush says "clock ticking down to war". hmmmmm, makes you think.

    what: 2M warm-up; 6x1K @ 5K pace off 60 sec. recoveries; 1M warm-down
    why: Frank's orders
    last rest: Tuesday
    last hard day: Wednesday

    KK - bad luck, mate. sounds like one of those weeks where it's safest just to stay in bed.
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 40 minute steady run
    Why: should be doing long 20+ miler today as part of Frank's orders but don't have enough time so will do it tomorrow instead.
    Last rest day: Tuesday
    Last hard day: Wednesday

    KK, you are having a bad week!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    hi chums,

    what : 5 miles easy (37-38 mins)
    why : recovery after yesterdays longish effort
  • Out for another run, time to don the crash-pads, skater styl-ee. Wish me luck!

    "Once more into the breach..."
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    What: Nothing
    Why: It's my birthday, I was out late last night (went to see LOTR2 - a must see) and had a couple of glasses of wine with lunch. Going home for a snooze.

  • What: PM- 4 Miles 'Horwill Easy'
    Why: To prove to myself I could have 1 run this week that went as planned!
    Last Hard: As above
    Last Rest: As above

    Q for Drew/Achilles. When I use Franks calculation for what an easy pace should be, I get 6:45 per mile! is that right? Heres my figures and reference NB: Best time for 1500M is based on a best mile rep time & scaled down appropiately (is = 77.34 sec/400m, or 5:10/1500m). Needless to say, it doesn't feel much like recovery at the moment! KK
  • Hello,
    What: Treadmill - Hill programe - incline 3% - speed 9.5k/h - distance: ~2K.
    & x-trainers, leg press....
    Last rest: Yesterday

  • happy birthday nessie (expensive toime of year for your nearest adn dearest tho :-S ),
    only joking

    what: early session:about seven miles, moderately hilly and quite fast, (nailed this one in 00:43:24)
    later this evening: upper body weights, stretching and abs work, maybe a few short and sharps on the treadmill

    why: because i didn't run yesterday, despite my deluded plans

    last hard: wednesday
    last rest: last night

    have a happy christmas, and good luck to everyone who's racing


    P.S, similarly, good luck to everyone who's visiting not often visited relatives, hope all goes...............well?!?!?

  • KK - it's a good question. I'm all in favour of doing recovery runs at a strong pace, getting out of the aerobic comfort zone, and banning the "jogging" concept altogether, but I'd still have to say Frank's formula is too challenging for me most days and some days I need to go as much as 30 secs. slower p/m. I guess it depends also on what type of sessions you are recovering from - again most of Frank's sessions are best recovered from in a horizontal position with a nice soft pillow under your head.

    I've noticed that the terms "easy" and "steady" get bandied around pretty freely in running circles but there seems to be a vast difference of opinion as to what they actually mean in terms of pace.
  • whoever tells me who frank is gets a

    "top of the morning to ye now"

  • BP - if we're all talking about the same Frank, it's Frank Horwill (Madman Frank to his friends) with special reference to his articles on the Serpie website. see the link in KK's posting above. enjoy. :-)
  • Certainly not Frank Spencer, although the incidents I've had running recently, I'm not too sure... ;)
  • top of the morning to ye now, mister Achilees
  • Nessie the Vet, Happy Birthday. Same day as wee piglet?

    What: 6 miles of 3 min repeats @ 10k pace followed by 3 mins @ marathon pace. The first 4 miles were ok, then the pace started to drop, but a good session.

    Also swimming club for 1hr of drills.

    Why: weekly speed session.
    Last hard: tonight.
    Last rest: yesterday.
  • Plain facts first:
    10 miles in 65:49
    mile splits: 6:30, 6:31, 6:32, 6:31, 6:24, 6:26, 6:32, 6:39, 6:47, 6:57

    Average HR 166 - ludicrously high.

    Longest tempo run so far & I have no intention of trying to run longer distances at this pace.
    Mentally and physically, this was a very difficult outing.
    First of all, despite trying to remain as relaxed as possible beforehand, I once again failed to keep my HR under control. It seems that knowing I'm going to be running just outside my comfort zone for a long period of time sends it shooting up by an extra 10-15 bpm before I even start, and I feel under a lot of pressure. As a result, in the first couple of miles, I felt less comfortable at the pace I was running than I should have.
    Once I got 3-4 miles under my belt, started to feel more relaxed (you can see this in the splits) & got ahead of my target pace (for this run) of 6:30 per mile.
    Then 2 factors began to slow me down from about 7 miles onwards. One was fatigue (obvious, but I'm sure it's kicking in earlier than it should as a result of my HR being so high), and the other that was my tubes started to get gunged up in the chill and not very clean air. Two coughing fits effected a partial clearance each time, but also seemed to knock some of the stuffing out of me on both occasions.
    Running 4 laps of the same 2 and a bit mile course in the dark (plus a bit extra to make the 10 miles) didn't inspire me mentally either.
    Could probably have done the last mile about 15 seconds faster if I'd chosen to bust a gut. Thoughts of having to recover in time to do my long run on Sunday morning acted as a disincentive.
    Endured a most unpleasant 5 minutes upon finishing, trying to avoid choking on/throwing up an hour's worth of exercise-induced respiratory secretions....

    Having this target of 84 minutes for Helsby is, at the moment, putting me under a lot of (self-induced) pressure. It is beginning to look really doubtful (unless I manage a monumental piece of tailgating on the day) whether I can manage it.
    Off to bed very soon - stiff and knackered.
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