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i wonder if anyone can give me some advice re: why (and how i can treat) the sole of my feet burns after i have been running a little while?? i have worn every nameable type of socks and thick soled trainers etc but still my feet burn!!:o( i never used to wear socks when i was young and heated my feet near the fire and on hot water bottles....could that have ruined my circulation?!!:o HELP!!:¬O

cheers - ayesh x


  • Ouch!!

    I don't think you can ruin your circulation . . . What exactly are you running in?
  • Are we talking real burning - as in like with blistering, or just a burning sensation?

  • Ayesh if it was your circulation then it would be your tootsies that were hurting , well more of an itchy tingly feeling really.

    Perhaps wearing running shoes as well as socks would help ;)

    Merry Christmas !!
  • hey thanks guys for all your replies re: my burning sole!!:o)

    i am new to this n this is pretty cool!!;o)

    ok the thing is i wear mizuno n saucony running sneakers bought from specialist running shops (did tell them about my foot probs...they said i needed decent sneakers n socks, hence new pairs of sneakers n socks bought!!;o) but seriously, my feet do not blister just get really hot n burn like on fire....or like when you burn your skin and it hurts, kinda like that!? do you think i should see a foot specialist? any recommendations...podiatrist/chiropodists or reflexologists??:o
    cheers!:o) ayesh x
  • Sounds like a nerve sort of thing.
  • Sorry - that wasn't very helpful! If the burning is under the ball of the foot then it's something that's been mentioned in quite a few posts. Something to do with Morton as I recall - Morton's Neuroma?

    Something to do with having a second toe longer than the big one. Can't remember the details behind it, or the remedy. I'm sure it's not the only cause either.
  • Not just a simple case of hot feet?

    I've just sorted my central heating and it's got so hot in here my feet felt like they were on fire!
  • Not that I'm bored or anything ....

    Morton's Toe

    Morton's Toe is a common forefoot disorder where the second toe is longer than the Big Toe (the Hallux).

    Morton’s toe leads to excessive pressure on the second metatarsal head (behind the second toe at the ball- of-the-foot) resulting in pain similar to the discomfort associated with metatarsalgia. The constant pressure placed on the longer second toe while walking or standing can lead to callus formation under the second metatarsal head due to this excessive pressure.

    Treatment & Prevention
    Proper treatment of Morton's Toe starts with selecting proper footwear. Footwear with a high and wide toe box (toe area) is ideal for treating this condition. It may be necessary to buy footwear a half size to a size larger to accommodate the longer second toe.

    Orthotics that feature arch support to keep the foot aligned, and a metatarsal pad to reduce stress on the ball-of-the-foot are often recommended when treating this condition. Proper footwear combined with a effective orthotic will provide relief from pain associated with Morton’s Toe.
  • I found this rather useful (hopefully) web page:

    Morton's etc

    Hope that helps!
  • Hi. Read about this problem and yes I have the same hot burning feet. Have tried everything. Sprayed with Boots footspray containing Witch-hazel & Methol just before I run. Then also put talc in my 1000 mile socks and also in my Acisc 2080 shoes. Have been to a Podarist and had leather orthotics made and although it improved slightly, my feet still burn like hell after about 50 mins - 4 miles of running. I cant run very fast. I have tried everything. Had Mizuno trainers, Reabok Trainers Asics 2070 and 2080 and Thorlo Socks, Falke Socks, 1000 mile socks. I have tried everything and nothing works. My second toe is not larger than my big toe so I assume it can't be Morton's. I did read an interesting fact in Runners World very recently, saying about Neuteral Shoes to use with Othotics. I use 2080's for Overpronation. I am wrong? The podarist did give me list and Asics was on the list. Although I have Sachoney Off Road Trainers for when I run in the local Hash and they are neuteral, but with my Othotics in them makes no difference after 45 mins my feet still burn like hell.
  • Hello, can anyone help? I have a heel spur on my left foot...apparently this is because I have shortened calf muscles and the constant `tug` underneath my foot has caused this overgrowth of bone. I`ve been running for 18 months and just completed the Great North Run. My next goal is the London Marathon but at the moment I`m in pain again from this problem. Does anyone else suffer with this? If so what helped??
    I have orthotics for my feet but was advised not to run with them as it will affect my gait?
  • I used to suffer from burning feet but it seems to have gone away. I used to suffer it when I wasn't running, just during normal day-to-day activity. I managed to trace it down to the use of synthetic material in my socks, now I only wear 90-100% cotton socks and have no problem with it. Try it out.
  • why do my feet go num they did this the other friday now iam in plaster
  • My feet burn and blister but only on road and when racing, and especially in warm weather.
    I ran the Nike Sale 5 today. I ran fast, It was hot and now I can't walk.
    Training is ok. Racing on track (in spikes) is ok. What's haperning with my road races?
  • I would try and change your socks, try different materials, try a sock designed specifically for running, forgive me if I'm stating the obvious and you've already tried this.
  • i am allso suffering with footpain on my heel hurts only when walking and first thing in morning (first step) have seen my G.P. basic message is ive upped my distance to quickly and strained something. Best advice stop running untill pain goes then if increase in distance required just go steady.
  • I have exactly this problem as well. I have very high arches on my feet and thats where it burns like hell and I get blisters. I did a 15km run on Saturday and then 10km race on Sunday- usually can do both those types of runs one after another. However after 3kms, my feet started hurting. Was almost crying when I got to the end of the race! However did complete it but not in a great time scale though. I bought special running socks as well for this- X socks Run Sky Run and have proper running shoes... can anyone have any other suggestions?
  • I used to have this, and I still have it, weirdly enough, on nights out. I'm sure it's due to the amount of activity on your feet. I only got rid of it by changing my shoes (some shoes seemed to bring it on faster than others). Also, maybe try taking the laces out, and totally re-lacing them, leaving plenty of space and not pulling them too tight at the end nearest your toes (i.e. have them quite loose that end, but snugger nearer the bit the laces tie). Good luck.
  • i will be running with a ligament prblem in my foot though have had a good physio to sort it out aparently due to new change in running shoes so watch out change running shoes regularly for me running 50 miles a week change every 3 to 4 months take note
  • I've had my first ever burning foot tonight. It was better on grass that on the road and by 10k I just couldn't put my feet on the ground. My running socks had been in the tumble drier and had shrunk slightly. I'm hoping that was the problem. feel slightly alarmed to read that it's dogging so many people
  • Just wondering if its to do with very high arched soles as I have started to have the same problem.

     I have the correct trainers for over pronating feet and use 1000mile socks but after 3 or 4 miles the base of my feet start to burn/feel very sore and I end up with blisters which were very apparent after my recent 1/2 marathon - I was in agony and had the worst blisters I have ever had. 

     Strangely, my feet really seem to have a mind of their own as there have been occassions when I have managed to run 10miles and only just begin to feel them burning....

    I would really love to find an answer!

    PS I'm 36 and don't remember having these problems when I was younger.

  • Happens to me a lot early in the season or after I've taken a break.  I've just come back from doing six miles and the soles of my feet are on fire every time I take a step.  Key things to know are:

    1. It happens - for me especially early in the season or when I ratchet up my mileage significantly.
    2. It feels like fire - counter with a nice ice bath - it'll help ease the pain
    3. Get off your feet for awhile - it'll help settle whatever's causing the four-alarm fire in your feet
    4. Take notice when you first feel it - I could tell this run that I was going to have burning feet.  I felt a 'hot spot' kind of like the start of a blister on the sole of my right foot at mile 4.5.  Since I never get blisters on the soles of my feet no matter what distance, I knew that I was going to have 'flaming feet syndrome' when I got done.
    5. If you want to avoid the problem cut your training short when you first feel the start of it.  Unfortunately for me there was no other way of getting back to my car than by walking/running back to it.  Walking long distances can cause the same problem so it didn't help to slow down.
    6. Correcting over-pronation with shoes for that condition doesn't necessarily help the burning feet problem.  I over-pronate and wore the Brooks Beast for years, but had the problem a lot more often - probably because I needed orthotics when wearing those shoes as well.  They were great for over-pronation and even my plantar fascitis, but without enough arch support for my almost flat feet it seemed to cause that burning sensation all the time.  Orthotics helped, but not as much as eventually getting away from shoes for over-pronation ironically and using proper arch support.  It still happens from time to time though if I jump into runs without working up to them (like today).

    I've done much longer distances though without working up to them (12 miles) and not always had the problem.  It's also happened to me just taking a really long walk to luch in dress shoes, which makes me wonder whether the type/quality of shoes or even diet may play into whether this happens or not.

    Good luck to everyone who has this problem - I definitely feel your pain!

  • It sounds very like Plantar Fasciitis, which is a common problem for those of us who have high arches and over pronate. The best thing I've found is to roll an icy glass bottle under your foot. This both ices the tendons, which will be inflamed, but also helps to gently stretch them as well. And then rest your foot to give the tendons time to calm down. The rest is important as your tendons won't heal otherwise! (As I found to my cost one year, and then couldn't even walk without intense pain!)
  • Oops - I mean an UNDER pronator! I always confuse the two,
  • Burning Feet!!!

    Im a runner of 15 years and have just experienced this for the first time on the Larne 1/2 marathon. Half way through it was like running on hot coals, right foot was worse.

    Titanac 10K yesterday, again, this time with about 4k to do right foot started burning first. I notice the skin on the foot pad just behind the toes has become quite hard and thick.

    Next its the Whitehead 5 mile on Easter Monday


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