do i take my running shoes to majorca or do i leave them home alone.going away in 3 weeks with wife and kids and i was wondering if anybody else trains while on holiday or takes timeout.not training for anything specific but like to do 25 plus a week. any tips


  • Take them. You don't have to put them on if you don't want to, but if you don't have them you'll wish you had. Early mornings in Majorca can be perfect for running, and a lot of the smaller resorts have great hills for training on.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • thanks v-rap i will take them and have a bash at early morning runs(usually a tea- time person).cheers
  • I took my running gear to Rhodes recently, but never used it in 2 weeks, did set the alarm and wake up at 5am one morning though with the intention of going out but it was far too hot for me. I agree, take them, as at least you then have the choice.

  • Disco
    Take the running shoes! I've just got back from Ibiza - 2 weeks and 11 runs. Just like Majorca early mornings are great for running and its pretty hilly.
    But you're on holiday, so forget the careful structured training we all stick to religiously and just enjoy the running.
    An early run in 27 degree temperature followed by a jump in the pool before the German towels have even found the sunbed is a great way to warm up for the serious San Miguel drinking later.
  • Definitely take them - went to Spain around four weeks ago and was in the first part of my GNR preparation - enjoyed it immensely but be careful about what time of day you run and hydration is VERY important!!
  • Take them...I find mine are the most comfortable shoes for walking it when its hot even if I don't do any running.

    Don't forget to pack your swimsuit though...cross-training in the pool and playing ball/frisbee games with the kids will be good for you too.
  • Scotty4Scotty4 ✭✭✭

    If you're an early morning runner it really adds to the holiday experience as you get to see the area from a totally different perspective than most people ever will. Quiet streets/empty beaches, the sun-rise, dawn chorus etc.

    It also gives you the perfect excuse to be a slob for the rest of the day.......
  • Take them!

    I ran twice in a week trip to Italy. Once discovered a great restaurant in the hills and the other time found a market I wouldn't have otherwise known about.

    Also the shoes provided relief when my knees started to suffer from the hills and steps that dog every step of the way on the Amalfi Coast.
  • You should definatley take them, have just come back for Malia and manged 5 x 30 min runs over two weeks. Found it quite hard running in the heat and with a nights alcohol on board but went for my first run in the UK last night and found i managed to knock off a minute off my best time over 4 miles. Had to check the watch to check it was working properly, but then realised it was a result of the runs in Crete.
  • thanks to you all for the info and the shoes will have pride of place in the suitcase(what are we like eh)
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