Happy Christmas, y'all :-)



  • Trot Trot
    Trot Trot Trot
    Trot Trot Trot
    Trot Trot

    Merry Christmas Wee Piglet Merry Chistmas

    May your curly tail never go straight.

  • hee hee
    hee hee hee
    hee hee hee
    hee hee

    !!! Merry Christmas, Brian the Snail :-))

    May you continue to leave beautiful silvery trails for the rest of us to follow :-)
  • Wee Piglet you must have been on the sauce. Merry Christmas to you too.
  • Happy birthday, christmas and while we're at it easter, whitsuntide, pancake day etc etc - did I cover everything?

  • Ooh wee piggie I love the reindeer on the middle right...the symbols were a total surprise!
  • Nice one Wee Christmas Piglet,

    Nice e-card,

    Merry Christmas to you and all Forumites...

    HO HO HO
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Tee hee!
  • aah - thanks WCP.
  • Thanks Wee Birthay Piglet,
    Merry Birthday & Happy Christmas !
  • Happy Christmas Happy Birthday

    Woof woof woof
    Woof woof woof

    Daisy gets it for making too much noise
  • I just love it!!!!!
  • Boing (because it really is rather cute :-)

  • awwwwwwwwwwwww
  • Wow, Benz!!! Was that telepathy, or what! :)
  • Wow, where you racing?
  • hello, im confused
  • Welcome to my mindset! Confusion ruleZ, ok...
  • I still love it & have just emailed the link to my friends!

    Benz your just not drinking enough.
  • hello WP
    Still need me bath
    Cant smell as bad as the patients tomorrow, now can I
  • Sorry Tim
    fell asleep during fist gin, and only just on 2nd
    Didnt drink at lunchtime, cos decided to run instead, so ive catching up to do
    Not too much, 8 am start
  • I like the sitting down deer on the right
  • Hi, what i meant was : you posted at the same time & Wee P thought that was telepathy and I don't know what I am talking about! Hi Marathon hippo Benz!

  • ello
  • Benz - I like that deer too! After much careful observation I've noticed that that's the deer that makes all the interestign noises. It pretends to be making chicken noises, but actually it's playing lambs and stuff :-) Aaahhh... :-)

    Also Benz - don't let the bath freak you out - take a big breath and jump straight in! Baths are ultra cool... get a gin and tonic and the current RW (or, if you've finished that, a copy of 26.2 i.e. the book of i/vs with people who've done London - you might be in it!) and slob right out...

    Outrunning - I think you have great taste in java thingies :-) Well, I think this one is really cool! :-) Happy Christmas :-)
  • Hey, Halfmarathongirl - not talking to Wee Piglets, then? ;-)

    Happy Christmas :-)
  • I like the combination of the one with glasses playing the triangle & the one next to him with the cymbols!
  • I havent got sound on me puter, still enjoyed tho
    WP, im not doing a COLD bath
    im no paula
    Face pack on now
  • Title of book please WP
  • Hi Benz,

    It's actually called "26.2", it's written by Julie Welch and it's published by Yellow Jersey Press. It's wonderful - the first half is i/vs with people planning to do London 2000, and the second half is i/vs with the same people after the run. I love to read it in the bath after my long Sunday run - it's inspiring :-)
  • ta piglet
    So im off for the bath now
    Have a great Xmas
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