Saturday session 21/12/2002

Morning all. You all out shopping already??

What: Gentlest of recovery jogs - 20 mins max
Why: Between long tempo run and long run tomorrow

last hard day: Fri
last rest day: Thu
last long day: Sun (& Fri)


  • Xmas shopping (so what am I doing here!), but plan to run for as long as I can when I get back!

    Better go
  • Forums are empty today aren't they!!

    Later today - 90 - 120 mins mixture of canal and hills around Bath
    Why - Connemara Marathon of course!
    Last hard - Tue
    Last rest - yesterday at office party/dance
    Next - 5/6m easy tomorrow

    Get me something nice Snicksteuse!!
  • Morning all.

    What: 18 miles easy. 1Ok routes x 3
    Lap one 47.12
    Lap two 44.03
    Lap three 42.20

    Why: should be doing this run tomorrow but working all night, ive got 4.5hrs of sleep to get in before i start......ahhhhhhhhh

    Last rest: Friday

    Last Hard: Today as conditions were not kind.

    Have a good weekend all!
  • Speedie,

    Sounds a hard session to me !

    What :-
    - 2km on treadmill @ 15 kmh
    - 10 km Christmas club run, mince pies and mulled wine after
    - followed by 5 km on treadmill @ 16 kmh

    Now nursing an sore ankle, which is a good excuse to rest over Christmas - fine when you run on it, but painful after rest.

  • What: nowt
    Why: Stomach bug (back with avengance, got no sleep last night)
    Last Hard: ???
    Last Rest: Tues/Today

    Arse! Guess I ought to have a restday before starting my Horwill schedule tommorow anyway... Damn you fates!
  • Hi all! Just going out now plan as follows; Christmas shopping now all done presnts all wrapped and under the tree.

    What: 8 Miles Fartlek
    Why: Says so on Schedule

    Last Hard: Sunday Race
    Last Rest: Monday

    Good running!!!
  • Speedie- your 18 miles lap 2 was done at my 10k pace. Wish I could keep it up for 10 miles never mind 18!! You obviosly live up to your name. Well done for getting your run in today and enjoy your well earned sleep!

    Well done everyone else who is still managing to fit in the runs.

    What: Swim, 50 x 25m
    Why: running rest day
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Thursday
  • drewdrew ✭✭✭
    What: 21.5 mile leisurely run over as many hills as I could find. Now feel well and truly knackered.
    Why: 3 hour run as part of schedule
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest: yesterday (enforced due to other commitments)

    KK, re your recovery pace. What we have to bear in mind is that the Horwill recovery pace is based on running on a track. 6:45 pace on a track is an easy pace but on the road and hills it's not! I'm quite happy with a 7:15 pace on the circuits I use. Although I haven't checked it I think that the HR for the 6:45 pace on the track would be similar to 7:15 pace on most undulating routes.
  • it is quiet around here, isn't it?

    what: 5 miles recovery at 6:55 pace
    why: compromise pace ????!!!
    last rest: Tuesday
    last hard day: yesterday

    20 miler tomorrow - envying those of you who've got their long ones out of the way today!
  • Wotcha.

    What: 10 miler.
    Why: Saturday is (now) long run day. Well, it's long for me!
    Rest: Yesterday.
    Hard: Today!

    Ta ta.
  • Speedwork, cos too wussy to go outside
    !0 mins warmup
    Then 200m at 11.5 kph(note speed increase) with 200m 5.5.kph recovery
    Times 10!!!!!!!1
    Then cooldown
    Now when i get used to this appallingly fast speed, do i lenghthen the time, or go faster?
  • Wimped out I admit.
    Had been a hard day's shopping; then came home, managed to blow a fuse in the box which took out the downstairs lighting; shot off to B&Q for some fuse wire (5A), came back, rewired fuse; then time to go en famille to local outdoor carol service. Managed 15 mins of that in icy rain & wind & the hypothermic experience convinced me to bring forward Monday's rest day to tonight. Partcularly as the forecast for Monday is for it to be milder.
    That's my excuse anyway.
  • What: 4 miles easyish (plus 2 big hills!)
    Why: long run planned for tomorrow
    Last Hard: Wed
    Last rest: Thurs and Fri (work Xmas doo)
  • I forgot all about this thread! Oops for me :)

    What: One and a half miles.
    Why: It's the standard Forces running measurement - to be completed in less than 10 mins 30 secs - and I wanted to make sure that despite my injury setting back my training I was still 'fit enough'. I was, fortunately - I completed the run in about 9 minutes. Not as fast as I've done it before, but plenty fast enough for the assessments. :)

    Last hard: Today, cos I was running fast on some horrible mud.
    Last rest: Yesterday.
  • Oh, and for what it's worth, my interpretation of a 'recovery' run is just that - it's for recovery. If I go any faster than seven to eight minute miles (depending on training intensity and emphasis), I've gone too fast. The point of the run is to allow the body to consolidate muscular or aerobic gains made in your hard training, while at the same time keeping those legs moving, albeit to a lower level of activity, so that the body maintains its state of being used to regular running. just my humble opinion :)
  • benz - wow, speed merchant, you're really getting into this, aren't you?

    you could try any number of things now: a) increase the number of reps; b) reduce the length of the recoveries; c) try for 400m reps instead but fewer of them (or even try alternating 200m and 400m efforts to start with). probably best not to increase the speed of the efforts at this stage if you're feeling they're prettyy fast already.

    great stuff, keep it up and in a month or so you'll be amazed at yourself.
  • Thanks achilles
    I think ill try the alternating 200 and 400
    But i need my recoveries, heart rate takes a while to drop to 130
    If Im doing a marathon, should my speed sessions be longer?
  • Psi: If you look at the link on my post on yesterdays training thread, you'd see where the Horwill recovery pace calculation comes from. As it stands I'm inclined to agree with you, but I'm gonna give the whole Horwill thing a try, hook, line & sinker, so to speak.
    Drew: Good point on Roads vs. track, I'll bear that in mind, I also think Frank mentions what recovery HR is on his site, so I might work from that instead...
  • Must agree with Psi so far as recovery runs are concerned - you shouldn't be having to make any effort to keep to a particular pace. Otherwise - by definition - it isn't a "recovery" run.
    I hate recovery runs btw.
  • I think by mass consensus, everyone agrees on what most people say constituates a 'recovery-run'; I also happen to agree with them. But, if you read the info on the link I provided, you'll see I was asking a Q about what Frank calls a 'recovery run', as he provides a calculation for target pace.
    P.S. I also hate recovery runs, Frank formula type, or mass consensus type...
  • 6:00am: 6M recovery run.
    7:30am: Tried to shop in Sainsbury's but closed to a power cut!
    7:45am: Drive 35min to do shopping in another supermarket.
    8:50am: Pick up all race day stuff for boxing day from race secretary.
    9:00am: last min xmas shopping.
    10:00am: Help club fund raiseing. [roll 7 dice & get all 6's & win car]
    11:30am: Put road signs up for boxing day race.
    12:45pm: Finish putting up road signs
    1:50pm: Arrive home.
    2:00pm: More club stuff
    3:00pm: 10M steady run.
    4:30pm: Changed & eaten bowl of soup.
    4:45pm: Sort out prizes for race & try to cook dinner.
    6:15pm: Eat dinner.
    7:00pm: Colapse in front of tv before crawling upstairs to bed at 9:30pm!!!!!
    Look farward to friday when I will do nothing BUT run.

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