Claygate Country Five

This is a lovely low key race through country lanes and Claygate village and the best thing of all is that it's open to children too, so my boys can do it.

Pantman are you there?!!!

Entry forms are here: Country Five Run


  • I'm here, Tiger! And we may well be there...
  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    I'll be there even though it'll be too hot. Our club has chosen it as one of our grand prix races.
  • I hope we can do this one. I have been wanting to do a 5 mile for ages and ages.
    I often run 5 miles in training, but I have never raced it. Most races I do I find too short and I prefer longer distance.

    I have already checked last years results and think I might have a chance at a trophy. :-)
  • Entry form arrived in the post this morning. Should be a pb for me after a particularly poor performance last year.
  • Looking forward to this one.
  • Just decided. Will do this too. Haven't done a 5miler for ages. What's the course like?
  • I'm looking forward to this one too, I'm trotting around with my youngster :) - unlike last night at the Surrey relays when I thought I was going to drop dead at the end!

    It's a pretty course Slippery, some on roads through Claygate and some on countryside footpaths - there's quite an uphill section which is narrow and difficult to overtake. Starts on the village green. Might be a bit muddy in places after this rain.
  • Well that was warm wasn't it? Shouldn't be surprised though, somehow they always seem to be lucky with the weather for this race.

    Went well for first 4 miles then faded towards the end but still got a pb for the event cos like I said before, I ran so badly the only other time I've run it I would've been hard pressed not to. Also had the rare experience of beating Tiger but only cos she was escorting her cub and running at about half pace!
  • I enjoyed that very much :) 52 minutes for me & junior #2, if only that was half pace!! Junior #1 was well up the field, looking forward to seeing how well he did in the results.

    See most of you again no doubt at the Wedding Day 7K, however I'm being paced for a silly fast time at that one so won't be quite such an enjoyable experience!
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