Chesty feeling

Does anyone else have the same feeling as me? For the past 10 days or so, I have the strangest feeling in my chest - like butterflies in your stomach but only in your chest!!! Yes I know that sounds daft. It feels really wheezy but no cold and only a little cough. Also very tired. Do take Thyroxine for an u/active thyroid and had a blood test today to see what's going on. Ran 3.5 miles on Wednesday and it felt like 33 miles, so no running since and feel really down because feel so demotivated. You know the feeling, no you shouldn't run, but when you don't you feel guilty. Help!!!!!


  • Any chance you could be anaemic? When i was anaemic i used to get that odd fluttering in my chest occasionally, not sure if its related but it could be. I was also very breatless as well.
    I'm sure your GP will find the cause.
  • Thanks Elephant feet, I shall await results of blood test. Meantime I just don't feel like running at all which also has the knock on effect of making me feel just lousy. Oh the joy of being normally active!!!!
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