Surely the fact Runner's World have given this 'club' its own section on these forums indicates its not unofficial? What would it take to make it the ORWFRC?


  • I have often wondered this myself.
  • I think it's a bit like one of those Blackboards that they put in certain toilets.

    The idea being that everyone writes grafitti on them instead of on the walls.
  • Cos anything "official" is always rubbish.
  • I'm not entriely sure, but I think a bit of Humour might have been involved in its inception.

  • So, humour is involved, then?
  • Humour is required, MF:-))
  • Actually, it's 'unofficial' because it's a 'virtual' website running club, not one that's affiliated with the AAA which you have to be to be official.
    We've looked into this in the past, not being affiliated means we don't have to pay subs. And if we were, we would have to have a committee, elect a chairman, secretary, treasurer, etc, all the things that go along with having an 'official' club. This way, nobody is forced to do anything they don't want to.
  • i dont like wiping my own bum.
  • Ironwolf is right. We ain't affiliated. Which means you can't save £1 on your race entries but more importantly don't have to pay subs and get officials etc. It is basically a loose collection of runners. Although there is club kit so it is borderline.

    Plus you have seen these threads, can you imagine what the minutes would look like - somebody would get sued !
  • I has a nice blue forum vest :-)
  • that powder blue forum stuff is a bit weedy, and it takes sixteen years to arrive when you order it. and when it does, its the wrong size. and its got some geeky writing on it about being computer nerds.

    the new yellow and black kit is the way to go

    long live the pirates!
  • me too... actually got it out of my kitbag yesters...

    first proper airing since I relocated from Monouth.
  • I thought we WERE affiliated!

    Doesn't Swiss Bobby pop up every now and again and ask people to go to the AGM? And I entered a Serpie race online some months ago and it gives Runners World as a club option...
  • It's not powder blue - it's quite a rich blue.

    But it makes me look fat.
  • Oooh lets play pirates everyone, yah girly fek AC :)
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    We entered the GScotR as a team/club one year, but you can do that even if the club isn't affiliated - you just don't get the discount.

    I think the AGM thingy that SwissBobby did was to try to get other peeps involved in the kit ordering process, as there were problems.
  • Jj defo not affiliated, SB does every now and again go on about a AGM but more to do with the fact we have a bank account or something like that...awaits to be shouted down ;-)
  • or wot Nessie said.......
  • oh I seeeee.

    well well.

    still makes me look fat.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Sort of a cross between wot I said and wot TL said.

    Mine doesn't make me look fat.

    My *fat* makes me look fat. :o(
  • mine isn't powder blue, it's royal and yellow and fits fine. And me Forum cap's black!

    candy, I gave up on getting pirate kit 'cos I didn't want a skin or a monaco.
  • "It is basically a loose collection of runners" --- more like "a collection of loose runners"
  • I wear my forum vest in every race I do - perhaps I should get out more :(
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