Sunday Session - 22 December

What: Medium distance run, probably about 6-8 miles. If all goes well I'll resume long runs as of next week.
Why: Recovering from injury; need to get back to running.

Last hard: May well be today.
Last rest: Day before yesterday.


  • morning Psi,

    Just got back from babysitting so thought I pop onto the forum

    Hopefully going to get up early today and go for a long run, about 70 mins as Im trying to begin building up for a half next year. Thats if it stops peeing down.
  • Hello,
    It's a bit early for me!
    Plan to do about 70 minutes today aswell
    as i haven't done long run for at least a couple week!
    Scarlett1, when is your 1/2 next year, mine will be in April and I will start the 12 weeks RW schedule in January!

    If anybody read the 10 weeks & 12 weeks RW 1/2 marathon schedule, could you explain to me why the 10 weeks seems so much easier than 12 weeks!
    Thank You.
  • Good morning people!

    What: went out at 7am and did 16 miles multi terrain. Lots of mud, huge puddles and fun. Blinking hard though! Finished with 2 miles on the road, which seemed a doddle compared to the mud and hills.
    why: ran with friends.
    Last hard: I suppose I should say this morning.
    Last rest: Thursday.

    Have a good day everyone.
  • Wow Hilly,

    It's pitch black at 7am !! Some "friends" you must have to take you round a run like that !

    What: 8.4 miles on undulating terrain
    Why: more mulled wine and mince pies at end
    Last hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Friday

    Ankle feels better after whaming it with Iboprofen yesterday afternoon, and wearing different shoes. Looks like my new Saucony's will have to be retired after only 100 miles - the main thing I have changed in the last 3 weeks is make of shoe. Grrr.
  • Well done Hilly,
    I chickened out as it was raining & did my long run on the road. Although several times I had to run through huge puddles, which were cold. Plenty of rolling hills but at least this means you can really see the countryside around you.
    What: 20M really pleased to have got this in
    Why: so I can race well next year.
    Last hard: Thur
    Last rest: Fri, had my immunisations for South Africa. One in each arm [they feel a bit bruised]
    Wrap Xmas pressies this afternoon.

    PS Paula Radcliffe interwiew on BBC at 2pm this afternoon.
  • afternoon, well I did my 70 mins, ran about 6 miles I think, will go and measure tommorrow when the flood that I passed by clears. had to run cross country to get home, got very muddy and have found out that nike pegasus are no good for that. Ive got a club cross country in jan so will have to splash out on another pair of shoes.

    MHG, havent picked a half yet, just decided that next year was half year and the year after marathon.

    out running, will make sure Ive got the remote at 2 this afternoon

  • 8.5 k km on treadmill
    Took me ages cos i has to walk(70 min)
    Still ired from speed session
    And my prize asics have given me a blister
    Theres no such thing as a free lunch
  • Hi again,
    Hilly, 7am 16 miles , what can I say?
    Well done everybody lots of miles has been run today.
    What: 80mins very slooow.(Distance: I don't have a clue...)
    Last rest: yesterday
  • What: Rest.
    Why: Recovering. And my little toes are a bit of a sight. May have to invest in roomier footwear!
    Hard: Yesterday.
    Rest: The day before.

    Have fun.
  • Well done everyone! Haven't been out yet myself today, just too busy - wrapped the last prezzies, decorated the Crimbo cake, made mince pies, just starting the last batch of Christmas cookies. Oh and I've already made tonight's dinner (ratatouille with garlic bread).
    But hopefully I can find time to fit in a quick one before it gets dark.
    Tomorrow is our first official FLM buildup training day!
  • St Thomas grey, St Thomas grey
    The longest run on the shortest day

    (to paraphrase the original rhyme)

    Well it was for me at any rate - longest run since Sunday 27/9/1981 - when I did my only marathon ever.
    13.6 miles, with 4½ in the middle off-road (to Caldy CC & back, with 6 laps of the grounds).
    Maybe I should have backed off when I realised (after 20 minutes or so) that I still hadn't got Friday's 10-mile trauma out of my legs. But in true Magnus Magnusson fashion, I'd started, so....
    Plodded round Caldy a good 10-15 seconds per lap slower than last week, then, coming back, the hill climb at 70-75 mins or so took most of what remained out of my legs. Came down the hill into West Kirby (a 45 metre drop over ~650-700 metres) only 3 seconds faster than I went up it!
    The last mile along Hoylake prom was with the wind behind - even so, it felt like I was enacting a real-life version of Zeno's Paradox. Don't think I managed faster than 8 minutes.
    Got home in an overall time of 104:40. By comparison, last week's run - over the same course minus one lap of Caldy (i.e. 3/4 mile less), was 12 minutes faster.
    In hindsight, upping the distance for both my tempo run and long run within 2 days of each other was a mistake. Will have to rethink my Xmas & New Year schedule, as at the moment, these long runs are taking longer to recover from.
    An 84 minute ½ marathon in 4 weeks' time looks further away than ever.
  • afternoon hardy types -

    Mike, stop worrying, you're going to be fine on race day, 84 minutes will be easy on the training you've done!

    what: 20 miles hilly, muddy and very wet in 2:25, and oddly enjoyable
    why: penultimate long run of the year!
    last rest: Tuesday
    last hard day: Friday

    total for week: 68 miles
  • Mr C,
    these friends were male-need I say anymore!

    outrunning-20 miles, well done! I've got one of those booked in in a couple of weeks time. I think for my first 20 I will certainly stick to the pavements.

    Halfmarathongirl-I do not normally run at 7am when it's pitch black. I 'take my hat off' to all those early morning runners. Mind there are advantages to running really early, like having the rest of the day to do other things. But 8am is normally early enough for me.

    Mike s, well done on your run! We have days when things don't seem to go right. As you've already determined it's most probably down to increasing distance and speed so close together. I'm sure you'll sort it out and your next run will be a good one!
  • Hello to All this sunday afternoon.

    What: Complete rest due to 18 miles yeterday.

    Why: Not really the run that has tired me out, but me 12 hr shift during last night.

    Last Hard: Yesterday

    Last Rest: Saturday

    c u 2 mozer!
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    Bit busy this w/end - parents down for the whole Christmas week.
    Yesterday managed 4.2 miles with 10 * 1min fast / 1min rest for a bit of speed work.

    Giving it a miss today - a combination of reasons - but tomorrow I'm able to do the long run: wife out,parents looking after kids, me at a loose end with 2hrs free!

    CU soon.
  • Ironwolf, i know
    But the sub 4.30 programme starts off with just two miles
    So thats ok
  • What: 12.2 miles steady
    Why: went out this evening intending to do a short run but then weather was perfect and my legs felt ok so I carried on until I felt tired.
    Best aspect: relaxed running
    Worst aspect: realisation that grass verges near busy roads can be very uneven.
    Last hard: Wednesday
    Last rest: Yesterday
  • what: 30 minutes cycle, more than comfortable, less than vigorous. finished with some upped body and a few of those leg things(are these beneficial, or am i storing up trouble for myself?)

    why: i intended to run on a treadmill today, but there were these two really big guys on each of them, like, the gym freaks of yesteryear gone fat over time. so i declined from waiting for them to finish and went for an alternative training sesson instead.

    last hard:yesterday, loops of hills on forest trails, (idyllic, honest!) 600m fast, hard and steep on the incline and then 400m descent, and a 400m home straight. 4 of these.
    times: 00:04:22
    last time i did these i did three in
    times: 00:04:13
    so i think it's an improvement.

    last rest: thurs
  • merry christmas eve eve eve everyone!!! :P
  • Evening all, haven't posted for a few days but I've still been getting my runs in, honestly.

    Congrats on all long runs today, Hilly I am impressed, and on a Sunday am too. Mike, I've no doubt you'll fly on race day, don't forget you'll have tapered properly (won't you??) by then, and the excitement of the race will add too your training.

    Hope I don't break the rules (Mike!) by posting my so called race report here:
    What: shambolic attempt at Langdale xmas pud 10K.
    Why: got up late, unsucessfully tried to organise 9 people to be ready by 10.15 to leave, ended up going separately with 2 running partners, leaving others slumped in front of telly/getting dressed. Got to the race, registration closed and race oversubscribed so just did the route with a friend who's still getting used to running; we were last!
    It was actually a lovely day for running, and the valley is beautiful, and the mulled wine in the pub afterwards very nice too ( a few stragglers from my family turned up for the pub bit!). I was secretly relieved not to have to race hard as I've spent the week with very painful sinuses but have still got my miles in, just at a gentler pace. I know this is bad practice, but can't bear to have more than 3 days off in a week no matter how awful I feel...
    Last hard: Tues 3.5 hr run.
    Last rest: thurs

    Happy last minute shopping all.
  • Laura, i hope you enjoyed it, cos it sounds like fun
    what running SHOULD be about
    Wasthere a good party the night before?
  • 17 or 18 miles in two bits - one with the only other club member to turn up - nice to run at a slower pace. That was 11 or 12, and then added a six later after some toast and tea.

    Laura - a three and a half hour run Tuesday - I'm impressed!
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