Racing shoes....

I was looking at Running Fitness's recent review of the Asics DS Racer.

Does anyone know whether these shoes are suitable for me (12.5 stone moderate over pronator 6'2").

I'm not in the mega fast catagory, so was just wanting to know when do yuo really need to consider changing over to flats


  • You don't want to be reading Running Fitness reviews...

    Try this one

    My guess is that they would probably be okay for you up to 5K or 10K - it depends how heavily you land and how bad your o/p is.

    The DS Trainer might be a more versatile option - good up to half marathon or beyond.

    My rule of thumb is that hardcore racing shoes start to be most useful below 7-min/miling; but that any runner will get a positive boost from having a pair of shoes for racing that are at least a bit lighter than their everyday models.

    Sean, RW
  • MIAOW! My footstrike is quite light and I run around the 7 minute mile mark. Will check out the DS Trainer as versatile is good! Thanks for the help skipper!

  • Jon,

    I think you'll really like the DS Trainer. It's my favourite for doing quicker stuff than the long runs, e.g. 5 and 10K, but it does have enough cushion to save the knees from feeling bashed out if you go longer.


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