ankle injury

I went over on my ankle playing TableTennis, although at the time i didn`t realise as no swelling or bruising appeared. The following day i went for a run, after a few yards i experienced pain in my ankle, i rested for a couple of days but it was still the same. I tried ice and an elasticated bandage, in the end i went to a physio who said it was my Anterior Talofibular ligament. 5-7 sesions should see me right but it was still the same. My doc said it was time to find something else to do, my injury occured mid Sept and still no change. Any advice would appreciated as at 39 i feel i would like to carry on running.


  • no advice, apart from suggesting that there seems no reason why this injury should prevent you from continuing to run

    some questions for your Doc (and your physio):

    - what exactly do you think I've done?

    - why do you think it hasn't it got better so far?

    - on what basis are you suggesting I hang up my running shoes?

    - do you think this might be a tib-fib syndesmosis disruption|?
  • Tim, I injured my ankle earlier in Feb of this year and in particular I had damage to my anterior talofibular ligament. In my case it took a long time in healing sufficently to allow my to run (3 months). I had Physio twice as week for 2 months (fortunately covered on company healthcare) but it is still giving me some problems even now. It is a long process, stick with it.

    P.S. I'm 39, so ignore aqll this "it's you age bo**ocks".
  • Hi Tim,

    As well as seeking further advice, it's worth trying to tape your ankle in a position away from the pain (if you haven't already), to give it the best possible chance of healing. As well as restricting movement it'll let you know when you ankle's moving where you don't want it to, and you'll consciously be able to prevent yourself from doing more harm.

    Presuming the diagnosis of your physio was right, you'd need to tape the foot in eversion (toes lifted up, sole turned out). Use three strips of sports strapping, coming from the sole (near the ball of the foot), around the outside edge of the foot / behind the ankle to wrap part way around the front of the lower leg just above the ankle.
  • I agree with Mowgli, but you need to see a good sports physio to show you how to tape properly. I once turned my ankle really badly in 1994 - it still gives me some gip but nothing I can't handle. The physio can actually manipulate the bone ends back into place. This is what happened with me and it makes one hell of a difference. Once the joint alignment is right again then you start working on exercises to maintain that position and get your proprioception working again (you'll have lost all sense of balance as a result of turning your ankle). But make sure you go to a good sports physio - ankles really are their speciality I've found
  • I went over on my ankle while I was out running at lunchtime.
    Having sprained it quite badly just over a year ago, I'm understandable nervous!
    Anyway, luckily it wasn't so bad as last time, and seemed ok to run on after a minute or so, and there doesn't seem to be any swelling (though I'll have a better chance to check this out when I get home)

    Since I had to get straight back to the office, I haven't been able to ice it, but took a nurophen as I've heard that this helps to reduce inflamation, and have had my leg up on the computer under my desk this afternoon.

    Is there anything else I can / could have done in this situation?
  • Hi!

    Can seeing a Chiropractor assist in anyway with a pulled ligament?


  • doubt it
    need to rest , and then see phys to strengthen the ankle to stop it happening again
  • Evilin, it depends on what you've done to pull the ligament.
    Nothing to do with the ligament but as one of the other contributors pointed out - having the bones in your foot aligned correctly does help as a good starting point for rehabilitation.

    Some chiroprators specialise in foot, knee and hip alignment - I know one who does the british ski team for this purpose alone. E-mail me and I'll send you their details - they might be able to put you in touch with a colleague nearer to you that has the same skill sets / knowledge.

  • oops Hartman clinic - "Schedule completely full until February 2005"

    ah well - Radcliffes guy is probably a bit excessive for a 5 stone overweight beginner runner!

  • ooops posted wrong place
  • I've had increasing ankle pain since last October & been on crutches since January.

    I've been given several different diagnosis by so-called qualified ppl (Tarsal Tunnel, Chronic Sprain, Tib-post nerve inflammation, Over-pronation...). I'm currently waiting for ultrasound (prescibed by Orthopaedic Surgeon) & an MRI (requested by a Rheumatologist).

    What I've learnt is that even the best qualified ppl don't know anything. And crutches are v useful for getting a seat on the tube.
  • sorry to hear that tj
    i had ultrasound but it didn't help me much as far as i can tell
    half the time i am not convinced that the physio even had it turned on!

    MRI would be great but they don't prescribe those lightly do they due to cost?

    in my case i know it was a specific incident that caused the pain so - you would think - they could diagnose and therefore treat it pretty well
    but got rubbish advice as far as i can tell
    - been dragging on for 5 years now though only lately bothering about it due to starting up running
  • <just turning my email notification off>
  • Getting the MRI because my symptoms don't fit neatly into a diagnosis. Much to the dr's annoyance.
    Plus I saw two other ppl (podiatrist & osteopath) who said it was the only thing to do.

    Ultrasound seems to work for me, but I can't find anyone to do it privately. been thinking about buying a handheld set for £110 but a therapist friend has told me it's not strong enough.
    I know what you mean about not knowing if it worked!

    I'm seeing a sports person for a massage once a week now which seems to help & I can pick her brain. But she's told me I've got tennis elbow from using the crutches. Great.

    Also tried a wobble board but it's too harsh an exercise.

    Good luck with the ankle.
  • thanks
    good luck with it
  • I continually twist/sprain my ankle when running, I have managed to do so 3 times already this year and have therefore been off running for about 2-3 months now as the physio said I need to stengthen it first. However, she also said that this will be a continuing problem and I should wear some sort of brace when running to act as the ligament that I've destroyed. Any ideas??
  • same here sent for active ankle as advised by physio
  • I've been looking at braces though I don't know anything about them. I have an 'Aircast' cast & on their website they also do braces.

    Has anyone ever used one?

    (to strengthen = wobble board, swimming & there are plenty of exercises plans on the net)
  • I've found a few places on the net that do braces, I'm off to the chiropractor tomorrow to get my neck crunched so I'll ask advice on what is best and pass on the info.
  • so, any brace advice then Lisa?

    am on tenterhooks...
  • I'm ALWAYS having problems with my ankles (particularly my right one).

    I've got this thing where I my feet turn out but my knees bend in (I can't remember what it's called, something like malicious malighnment..?), and I overpronate, making my more at risk. I've also lost some mobility in my right ankle.

    Whenever I start my run, my ankles crack and I'm unsteady for the first few steps.

    I'm only 19.
  • ok, well the chiropractor said for actual running in you want a lace up ankle brace that is food specific so that you get more support on the outside and less on the inside as it's the outside you generally have problems with.

    I have found one made by mueller and it's an ATF High Performance Ankle Brace. The web site is and the number for a distributer in the UK is 0208 4281188 and they can post them to you.

    Hope this helps.
  • sorry that should have been foot specific - must need some breakfast!
  • I turned my ankle badly 5 weeks ago. It was x-rayed and there was no bone damage. I rested it completely for 2 weeks, then tried to run but it hurt horribly. So, I visited a physio who did ultrasound & strapped it. I have been running again although I get pain for the first 10 mins or so but it wears off after than. It's a bit sore the next day. I'm planning on doing the Reebok 10k this sunday and the Nike 10k the following week. Am I mad? Should I go for it?
  • Its good to see that nobody is getting ankle injuries anymore judging by the date of the last message. I'm surprised little has been said about getting X-rays done which is free at your local A&E and gives proof of bone damage. Is everyone too busy?
    I badly sprained my right ankle three weeks ago and did nothing about it for 10 days, then because it was still painful went to my GP who sent me off that day to the Yeovil A&E for an x-ray which clearly showed a small fracture on the lower part of the fibula bone caused by the ligements pulling off a pice of bone! Apparently quite common.It was put in plaster for a week which immediately reduced the pain and swelling. That was removed after a week and now just over 3 weeks later I use a support stocking during the day and it is improving steadily. Hope to run again by end May.
  • Hi,

        I sprained my ankle two weeks ago today. I was out running and the pain just came on very severely. The strange thing is that I dont even recall going over on it or twisting is in any way. The swelling can come up terrible depending on how much im hobbling about on it. I cant walk normally with out a limp and even to touch it around the outer edge or just above the ankle bone is very tender. Ive had an x-ray which i was told was all ok bone wise, and I am RICE ing it quite often. Does anyone have any idea what I could have done? And what other form of exercise could I do to keep up my fitness and my weight stable? From running 25 miles per week to nothing is starting to make me feel abit depressed. i Did ask a Dr about an MRI scan but he just said that we need to give it more time yet before going down that route.

  • I am in exactly the same situation.  I badly sprained my ankle walking down a stair and not looking at the uneven ground.  Six weeks later and am still not albe to run.

    About three weeks ago I started 'spinning' classes which is an excellent high intensity CV workout.  I am trying to do it three times a week.  I'm sure I will have lost some running fitness but my weight has been stable and it sure makes you feel good!  I am not getting any pain from the injury even when standing on the pedals during the classes.

    I am lucky as my local authority gym does classes so I pay as I go rather than having to pay expensive gym fees.

    Good luck and hobble on.

  • Slipped on ice at Christmas and tore the medial ankle ligament.. and still not running after 6 months !
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