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Yes, I still cannot believe it, a week after last 10M PB I was away for the weekend and thought I'd do a local race to keep up the training for GNR... Anyway, as you know, I hadn't been well earlier in the week so was not aiming for a fast time, especially as the course is undulating (that's a nothern euphemism for bl**dy hilly!).

But there I was going through 2M at 16:50, thinking the mile markers can't be right... I was still thinking that when I hit 9M at 1:19 with 11 mins to do the final mile (was convinced the final mile would contain all the missing metres that had been lopped off the preceding miles!). But it didn't and I finished in 1:28:09 up a final hill, comfortably under 90mins!!!!!

OK, I did have a cream scone to celebrate, but am definitely back in training and dieting today!


  • Yaay! Well done on that - at least the weekends not all terrible news.
    I'm not looking forward to my weigh in this week, after maltesers, magnums, cake.....
    Done pretty well at the gym though so with any luck i'll break even.
  • Hi all,
    Well done Lamb! Only one cream scone to celebrate too - I'd have had about three!! Now re. my 5 Ice Lollies I ate on Saturday.. these were purely medicinal due to the long hours spent earlier on the M25 and no, they were not Magnums! They were 2 mini-milks, 2 Ribena Ice lollies, and one Tesco Finest Orange Ice.. so really, not that bad at all..! Yesterday started off pretty good, with a 6 mile (non-stop!) run in the morning..then it all went downhill from there. It wasn't my fault though. We went to a BBQ & I ate a number of crisps to start, then progressed onto potatoes, pasta, bread, vegetable kebabs (don't eat red meat), numerous large glasses of wine and finished off with apple pie & custard at about 11pm..!!! Outrageous! So, it's no wonder that this morning, the 1lb I lost last week, has crept back on.. so I am sad to report that this week I have lost nothing, but, in fact gained 1lb (and I ran 20 miles last week in all..!) God knows what would have happened if I hadn't exercised!! Hope you've had better luck than me..!!
    Michelle x
    + 1lb
  • What a Star Lamb you are! Well done!

    If 10 miles = something in excess of 1,000 calories expended, one or two cream scones won't make so much as a little dimple on your hips. There's a lovely story in the Runners World Complete Book of Women's Running about a mixed group of runners goung out for an 18-miler, and as they finished they rolled up to a fast-food place for breakfast. The men all ordered the American equivalent of a full English and the women had a plain bagel apiece. Even the author, who has a pretty dysfunctional attitude to food herself (she thinks blueberries are an indulgence), seemed to see the ludicrousness of refusing cream cheese on your bagel after running 18 miles.

    I feel better than yesterday, which may have something to do with 8 hours' sleep followed by coming into work early and having breakfast (yogurt, apple, banana, and granary roll) in relative peace at my desk.

    Weigh-in this morning - four pounds off in less than two weeks. That's far too much. Looks like my current intake (rough daily running total just over 2,000 calories) isn't enough to sustain my current fairly modest level of training. All those junk miles must be burning it off. So I'm heading up to 2,500. Now I remember why I used to keep boxes of breakfast cereal in my filing cabinet and eat treacle sponge and custard instead of bananas after long runs.

    Suppose I ought not to be here...but I'm sure I won't be able to resist lurking.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Well, here it is weigh day and things aren't as bad as I thought. I did fairly abysmally with the diet this last week but did fairly well with the exercise... so as a result I lost 1 pound. I'm down to 12st 12 = 180lbs = 81.8Kg so not so bad overall. I'm going back to the food journal that I was keeping a couple of weeks ago though because I seem to be much better behaved when I'm keeping an eye meticulously on what I eat :)

    Good luck all those weighing later!
  • Oh and meant to say, "Well done Lamb!!!!"
  • Well done Lamb, it's always great to get a PB. Well my Halo slid, fell, and truly crashed and burned this weekend, Sat lunch chinese meal, Sat T-time, bar lunch, little shopping, plenty bars inbetween, train home, straight to pub, plenty more beer, pizza on the way home... oh yukkk. Sund, too ill to eat, but back in pub at three for footie, free food, chicken legs, sausage rolls etc. far too much beer, home late, no dinner, no work this morning as yet again too ill...
    I am going to force myself to eat something healthy and be at work for 1 o'clock. Absoloutely no exercise all weekend, so it's looking like 6 miles tonight, if I feel better !! and no more weekends in the pub :-(
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Wow Lamb, well done, you were a skippy little hillside lamb weren't you! They always lie about hills don't they?! I did a Trail run a couple of weeks ago which they described as 'undulating' but was more like rock climbing at one point!!!!!

    My weigh in still shows no change so I'm going to have to adjust my calories downwards - I'd upped them when I started training for the half marathon and must have been over-generous.

    Well done Cath for losing a pound -good gojng after your pooey week.

    V-rap, how do you manage to lose so much you clever thing. I wish I could eat 2000 calories and lose weight. I suppose one day I will, when I up my mileage to your levels.

    Hey Michelle, we all have weeks like that - just keep at it and don't view it as a major setback.

    Good luck to everyone else.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Aah look, I've got a ginger kitten piccy at last - haven't got a scanner so can't inflict my ugly mug on you!
  • BTW, I was the ninth non-vet woman out of 16!!!
  • well done lamb - what a star.

    And Redhead well done what a session! actually thats jealousy since I am cutting down my alcohol.
  • Lamb, you little fleecy star you. Coming 9th too.
    Cath, you too with another pound gone.
    V-Rap, had to laugh about your Soho House double take.
    Daisy-Duke, sorry to hear you're feeling under the weather today. This hot weather can't be helping. Michelle, good luck for next week.

    I managed my 8 mile run yesterday (longest yet since mini Running Muppet). Felt quite good and it only took 70 minutes and I wasn't running too hard!!!

    Also this morning I am now 9 stone so another pound gone for me and only 4 to 7 pounds to go.

  • One other thing. We were talking about shorts last week and I just wanted to say when I said short shorts. I meant hot-pant style ones rather than flappy ones. That's my current ambition to be able to wear short hot-pant style shorts. I think I've got a long way to go.

    As an aside, I was at an Inter-County Track & Field championship yesterday as Mister Running Muppet was running in the 5000 metres. Anyway, I was amazed at the number of women able to run in running knickers there. I can't ever imagine being able to stand around in what amounts to a bra and knickers in public and then run around too with no jiggling bits! Very impressive.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Oh RM, I do agree. I could never stand around in my bra and knickers in public - someone might harpoon me! How did Mr RM get on?
  • Ouch! Think of all the waxing the poor girls must have to endure to be able to run in knickers without embarrassment.

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • Oooh, hadn't thought about the waxing etc. Ouch indeed! And Redhead, I think you're quite wise - who, being sensible, would want to risk being harpooned?

    Mr RM won the 5000m so is now some sort of South East of England Champion which is nice. It was his first race since his last injury and he's never himself whilst injured so both myself and Mini RM are pleased he's back racing - he's been injured since before the FLM so it's been a long time. His last race previous to this weekend was the Fleet Half Marathon where he ran close to 60 minutes but was beaten by 20 seconds into second place by an Ethiopian. It's a shame that he's so speedy because it means we can never really train together :(
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Well done Mr RM, what a star. RM you are officially the wife of a running celebrity. You say he ran a half marathon in 60 minutes...wow and double wow!!!!....in my debut at Windsor I'll be happy if I plod in at 2hrs15.
  • Well somewhere between 60 and 65 mins. I remember him saying something about wanting to run under 65 mins.

    What's nice with running though is that a PB feels as exciting to get whatever the time. In fact, when you start out, it's even better because just finishing counts as a PB and you get such a sense of achievement to finish the race.
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    You're so right RM. When I did my 5k in June I thought I was going to explode with pride, then my first 10k in July was brilliant too.

    Just hope I feel the same about my first half marathon........actually I will be happy just to get round. Hubby will be bursting with pride. He ran the Liverpool marathon 20 years ago and hasn't done any running since. Keep trying to get hin to but he can't commit the time to training because of ridiculously long working hours.
  • Yes indeed, I agree with you Redhead - RM is married to a running celeb!! Well done that man! I went to watch my brother last week in an athletics meeting - he was in various races during the day, being a superfit-specimen of a man (unlike his sister - I think he got all the good genes from our mum & dad!)... anyway, he was favourite to win and his first race, 100M started.. he was way out in front & I was cheering like a good 'un, when about 2 metres from the finish line, he just drops to the ground clutching his leg - torn calf muscle!! He was gutted (so was I..!).. so at the moment, I'm actually running faster than the superfit brother!!

    Well done those of you who have lost weight/stayed the same - you're doing so well. I've just got back from the gym, so I feel a bit better about my naughty 1lb gain. Re. the women wearing the knicker things on the track.. that is just not on my agenda for the foreseeable future..!!
    Keep up the good work everyone!
    Michelle x
  • Hello All. Had a goodish weekend. 7 and half miles on Sunday, and a healthish B-B-Q, shame about the large slice of unhealthy carrot cake. Anyway, according to gym scales I have a lost 2lbs in the past week - yippee.

    Lamb, well done on the PB, you must feel fantastic.


  • Redhead, isn't being able to eat everything that isn't labelled "poison" and look like a spike at least one of the attractions of running? Fast weight loss scares the h*ll out of me. At the moment I'm happy to lose a bit of weight and would like to shed another half-stone, but not so quickly that tissues other than fat start to melt away.

    It got really scary at the turn of the year when I was doing 30+ miles a week, packing away over 3,500 calories a day (try doing that while restricting yourself to a healthy, low-fat, complex-carb diet!) when the various formulas for calculating expenditure suggested I needed about 2,500-2800 calories a day, and disappearing rapidly. I've read since then that heavy exercise can make our bodies produce a substance which causes dramatic tissue loss. I'm obviously one of those who makes lots of it!

    Came as a bit of a shock because my normal condition is slightly cushiony. I'm hoping to take the remaining weight off at a leisurely pace between now and the end of the year, but we'll see what happens.

    Cheers, V-rap.

  • oh god you all seem so committed and fit, am hoping that I am going to catch the running bug and melt some pounds away.
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