rest and running

i was wondering, is there any positive correllation between more sleep and better running? apparently our paula takes a nap in the middle of the afternoon, it would be nice to do that but.........

the thing which brought this on was hilly's comment tha he was out doing 16 miles at 7am, (power to you, btw) and the fact that Psi posts the "training session" threads, at just after 5am!!!!!! do oyu guys go to bed exceptionally early or are you semi-bionic? i'm not joking around here, but i'm a pretty late to bed guy, (12-1 oclock in the morning quite regularly) and i want to know if this is affecting my running.


  • I miss one nights sleep a week cos of the bloody on call
    And im sure it does NOT improve running
    I think for seroius running you might end up needing more sleep
    I run at 6 am, for work reasons, and am permanently tired
  • I run 6 days of the week (work & home allowing) and always have at least 8 hours sleep a night.

    Started running last June and have staedily improved over the 6 months. Lots of rest (as above) and regular stretching may have had some positive impact on my improvements.

    That or I am just a lazy bark!!
  • I'm sure there's a v high correlation (arbitrarily close to 1) between getting a regular decent night's sleep and better running. Think my own training performance bears this out. My best long run 8 days ago for example came after a solid 8 hours plus a nice lie-in
    Unfortunately, real life gets in the way and 95% of the time, I find myself going to bed at close to midnight and having to get up at 7.00 (or even earlier). Oh well....
  • Hi belfast phil,
    I sleep at least 8 hrs most nights and agree that lack of sleep is likely to have a negative affect on running. By the way I'm a she :)

    Happy running and merry Christmas!
  • I speak from loads of experience - late nights and/or insomnia are terrible for running. I need to feel awake when I go for a run! One of the things I'm going to do over my hols is to get back onto a proper bedtime/waking time schedule. And I find that 8 hours of sleep a night is what I need.
  • So ive an excuse for crap performance then
    Av night sleep 6-7 hours, 6out of 7 nights a week
  • I'm convinced that you need a good eight hours' sleep (doesn't your body repair when it sleeps). I've been going to bed late for a few weeks now and my running has been rubbish.
  • Im a lost cause then
  • Why are you a lost cause. Sleep requirements are very individual and some peolple survive on very little. My grandmother gets about 4 hours - but then she sits in her chair for most of the day!
  • hi there everyone,

    my auntie who lives ind Derry city(about 90minutes from belfast by car) was going to budapest today on the 8am flight. she came to stay with us overnight so she wouldn't have to leave sooooo early the next morning........(anyone see where this is going?)

    she discovered at 1.30 AM(yes, in the morning!!!) that she had forgotten a case, the vital one. and guess the mug who had to be he driving partner for her last night.(well, it wouldn't be anyone else if i'mn telling the tale of woe, would it?) <ME>

    subsequently got into the house at 5am, and had to be at the track at 11am. i was somewhat tired for todays session....yes, indeed, and i think it was safe to say that i didn't perform to my usual standard. lol

    happy sleeping everyone, thanks for the feedback, merry christmas eve eve!!!
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