Alone Again Or - God bless the FFFs - 23rd Dec

yeah, its alright..
somebody said to me that I could be in love with almost everyone, I think that people are the greatest fun


  • mother, mother
    theres too many of you crying
    brother, brother, brother
    there's far too many of you dying

    you know we've got to find a way - to bring some loving here today

    mother, father
    we don't need to escalate
    war is not the answer, 'cause only love can conquor hate

    you know we've got to find a way, to bring some loving here today
    everyone thinks that we are live on
    but who are they to judge us, simply 'cause our hair is long

    war is not the answer , cause only love can conquor hate
  • sorry peeps !
  • thats sweet
    (does Zyban make you sentimental:))
    Hello all
    Did my 2 slow miles, cos the programmes says so
    Off to work soon
    Hope you all have a good day
    Dont worry about the carbs
  • Whats going on?
  • Whats goin' on
  • Great minds think alike benz!
  • Morning all. And you mutha.

    I am feeling unusually obese this morning. Mind you I was reading Rimbaud last night and that always gives me wind.

    No alcohol for two days. Not given up just...didn't feel like it???

    Thanks for the Marvin BGA. Nice to know I'm not the only one who remembers this stuff.
  • Chimp...Anyone...Where are you? Realised that I'm posting to myself on the entire forums. Shall I turn the lights off?
  • Weird isnt it? I'm frightened!
  • Mr Bobolink just posted on UFRC. We are not alone...
  • Maybe eveyone has already finished for christmas so is still in bed.

    Nice hat, Glenn.
  • Hat is courtesy of our very own evil pixie Slowboy.
  • Morning, I'm here!

    Love the hat glenn, it suits you.
  • Good morning Tulips. The hat is, of course, a start. I suspect that fellow forumites may soon suggest a complete paper bag job.
  • The HR director has just suggested that some Christmas music would get us into the festive spirit. Someone has dragged a Christmas CD out of their car (after claiming they'd borrowed it from their granny).

    My PC is the only one in the office with a CD drive and a sound card. Oh great, now everyone is going to think this is my idea.

    Bah, Humbug!!

    Don't these people realise there are year end revaluations to be done??!!
  • Slowboy, You misserable bu**er

    So far in our office I think someone may have said something earlier though I suspect that my have only been a grunt. Our directors don't appear to be speaking at all let alone playing music.
  • I'm with Slowboy on this one Tulips. Christmas CDs are completely sad. Suggest Bach's Mass in B Minor or something similar to get in the mood in a classy kind of way. Slowboy, surely you can download something from the internet?
  • ...feed the world, let them know it's christmastime..... oh, we're on to slade now.......

    I'm not really that miserable, just really really want to be finished for Christmas....
  • flying visit which if was more competent I wouldn't need to be making coz I'd be tucked up at home not finishing Friday's 'absolutely must do before Xmas list'
  • It is possible to be a competent time waster Nick. It always stands out in my appraisal...
  • Glenn - it's one of my greatest competencies, along with prevarication, procrastination and pratting around generally
  • morning pix
  • Don't do that on the Over 60 thread pixie. They'll die of shock.
  • Morning all
  • Morning Will - how's it going?

    Interesting idea of fun Pixie!
  • Joe Strummer had died, if that means anything to anyone except aging punks like me.
  • Ploding on - i've poped into the office today - but then i'm off to the new year
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