Marathon and 800 metres

Hello there,
getting a bit forgetful and I wonder if anyone can help me. I vaguely remember something about speedwork in marathon training, and that a good session would be to do 800 metre reps at the time one wants to do the marathon in (e.g. in 3:30 mins if aiming for 3 hours 30). I also remember that you can do that session to predict your marathon time. Now... I've just done a speed session of 7*800 on 4 mins, holding about 3:10 - which was hard, but not too painful. Somehow I can't see myself doing a 3:10 for a marathon, nice though it would be - 5 weeks to go... But - does that mean I went too fast to make it the appropriate session? Am I fitter than I thought I am? Is the whole 800m transform into marathon time thing a very rough approximation and not to be taken too seriously? Any thoughts would be appreciated...


  • yassoo's ... meant to be based on a set of ten or something similar, try googling it you will find the full detail. Seems to work for most.
  • It's on the homepage of this website !
  • Where they also say runners don't see any point going further than 26.2 miles.
    We all know that's not true (hopefully I'm running more than twice that on Sunday).
    Ursula, you also need to put in the distance training as well-its not implying you can train for a marathon just by running 10 x 800.
  • Ah - thanks for that. Had word finding difficulties and couldn't remember the "Yasso's" bit. And must have been blind as well - couldn't find it on the RW website, despite looking through the various marathon training bits. And yes - I am doing my distance work, now worries. Was just wondering how to best get in some speed training and if those yassos are a decent way of doing that - and their predictive power on the background of hopefully decent marathon training otherwise. Good luck with whatever run you're doing on Sunday, Ultra Hamster. Sounds far!
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