Achilles tendinitis??


I'm fairly new to running, managed my first 30 min non-stop stint about 3 weeks ago having built up to it gradually over the past few months. I have been doing the 30 min run about 3 times a week since and everything was going fine until this morning. When I was about twenty minutes into my run I felt a niggling pain in my left heel. I continued running but had to stop after about another five minutes due to the pain. I did all of my stretches and walked home on the foot fine afterwards. But since getting home the pain in my heel has gotren alot worse. It's fine when I'm sitting but when I stand up I cannot walk flat on the foot as a sharp pain shoots through the heel each time. Does this sound like Achilles tendinitis and if so what can I do to make walking on the foot a bit easier?


  • Hi there.
    I'm a new runner too. Suggest you find a sports physio as urgently as possible. I pulled my calf muscles 3 times before seeing one and with specific exercises and new shoes I have had no further trouble. Runners World have produced a book called 'Guide to injury prevention' which has been very helpful too. Hope the problem improves soon!
  • Hi all, I ordered something called a PSC the other day for my PF.. the site that sells it also sells someting called an Achilles Healer The folks over in 'plantar facilitis what now' rave about the PSC and I know about the PattStrap for ITBS and since this same company makes all 3 it may be worth looking into.

    hope the PSC works for me and this works for you.

  • see physio ASAP - have been off running for 2 months with Achilles!
    & DO NOT run on it - will make it worse!
    this is serious :(
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