I have started to get eczema round my eyes due to running in cold wet weather as anyone had a simlar problem, anyone got a cure?

cheers steve


  • Use some facial skin cream. Apply after your shower every day. Try also using a moisturising type of shower gel/soap when cleaning your face.
  • Stephen,

    I have had eczema all my life and know how awful it can make you feel especially on your face. The skin around your eyes is really thin and easily damaged, so you need to be really careful what you put on it. If you can get it Diprobase cream, or E45 is specially for dry skin conditions and if you put it on directly before you run it will protect your skin. You might want to try vaseline as a barrier before you run also.Basicaly the more moisture the better as eczema is just dry skin.

    Be aware that if you put a non specialist moisturiser on the area it may have what are called "sensitisers" like lanolin in it and which may actually make your skin more be careful what you use.

    Hope this has been helpful.

    Good running
  • Thanks for all your info, eczema is a nightmare. i will try the cream

    cheers steve
  • Both my young daughters get eczema and I occasionally get flare ups on my shins if I allow my skin to get too dry or use lots of 'harsh' detergents - sun, wind and showering twice a day all strip oils from the skin.

    We now use Aqeous cream instead of soap (from any Chemist without prescription) and use something like E45 as a moisturiser - the fancy ones contain chemicals that can make it worse) for the kids with severe flare ups being treated with steroid cream (prescription only - but I borrow it and it really works fast at killing the itch!)

    For myself I find a shower gel described as 'kind' or 'simple' not only gets the sweat off but also is less likely to lead to itching.

    Above all else do not scratch that itch - but you knew that anyway (and knowing it never stopped me).
  • Stephen-
    I get eczema around eyes and nose/etc. when running as well, I use vitamin A cream - tub of pink stuff. I had a bad area down sides nose for ages and tried everything ( i am a GP). this worked best for me.
    Put on barrier- eg vaseline before running and at night as well sometimes to stop drying overnight. Plenty cream- e.g. above/aqueous/e 45.
    I also get bad patches on legs which cold weather flares up, I use a steroid for this0 you would need see GP for some- BUT could buy some weak steroid called 1 % HC cream from chemist- I wouldnt use around eyes/face though- only rest body.
  • Good advice everyone - had eczema for years :-((
  • I used to get eczema and skin inflammation around the eyes, in the eyebrows etc. It disappeared after I started using Nizoral shampoo to kill dandruff (flaky skin, not far short of psoriasis). Don't ask me why or how, it just did.

    I second all the recommendations for E45 etc given above, by the way. They do help.
  • Probably not relevant, but is this related to diet as well? Are you eating anything you don't normally eat? Dairy produce and chocolate can be triggers (they are in me, anyway). Echinacea and evening primrose capsules (Boots do a gelatin free one if that's an issue) sometimes help as well.

    Poor you. Hope it gets better :-)
  • I have used the steroid cream which worked but have been told not to use this for long periods of time as it thins the skin. I have been using 1%HC creams on and of as recomended by the doctor but doesn't seam to work and makes the eczema worse.

    Its a nightmare this eczema as the best part of my face are my blue eye so the girls use to tell me.

    Thanks for your help will try the diet next.
  • never had eczema, but have been getting massive dry patches down sides of nose and around eyes, wondered if i was allergic to me own sweat
    Interesting reading
  • Interesting - I have too.
  • AHA
    I wear specs when running
    (but its happened in the gym when i go spec free as well)
  • I don't wear specs. I've been sticking vitamin E cream on it, but it comes back really quickly. I get it in other places as well. Been to the GP about it but he never mentioned eczema.

    Allergy to sweat is an interesting thought - the other places are all ones where I get sweaty (lovely thought for you!!)
  • I CANNOT believe we are sitting here on Xmas eve talking about this
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  • You too Benz - hope Crimbo doesn't bring too many patients and stuff.

    Look forward to seeing you in London in April too :-)
  • I've used foderma serum successfully to reduce the redness of sun damage on my neck, for eczema around my eyes, on my hands and legs for dryness, and on my granddaughter's eczema with success. This serum is VERY soothing and definitely hydrating.
  • Something that actually helped with my sons eczema was porridge oats! I would wrap a couple of handfuls in a thin muslin cloth and tie an elastic band around it (so it was like a little sack) I would then leave it in the bath when running it. It would make the water go cloudy. Then when he was in the bath I would gently press the sack of oats to the worse bits. It feels quite slimy and slippy. But after rinsing off it really took away a lot of sting and redness. I don't think it is something for healing long term, but can really help reduce the soreness if having a bad flare up.
  • I have eczema and have had recent flair ups. I bought foderma serum hoping that it would work for my new baby incase he has what I have. Man it hasn't disappointed! Yes it is expensive but it works like crazy good. Better than the prescription that my skin doctor perscribed. It has both my health and my son's skin saves literally. Infant son sleeps at night not crying about his face or butt itching.
  • Use hydrocortizole to remove eczema it actually help
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