Runners Worls Schedules

I may be a bit thick but am trying to follow a RW half mile schedule and am getting slightly confused. For example for speed work the following description is given '5x 1K, 200m jog (6M total)55mins' The total distance for speed is about 4 miles and the non speed pace required to complete this (for me) in 55 minutes is about 12 min miles, which is slower than the jog speed. This also happens with the threshold and hill schedule. Any advice on how fast/slow I should be doing the additional mileage would be welcome as it appears very slow at the moment.
I am following the 1:45 half schedule.



  • '5x1k, 200m jog' = 6K, not 6M.....but if you look at the introduction page for the schedules you get...

    "Speed sessions will have a total mileage and total time, which should include all repetitions and recoveries, and at least one mile as warm-up and cool-down".

    So you've got 6k speed work plus 2 miles split between warmup and cool down. Total time for the 6M to be 55 mins

    Hope this helps :-)
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