Grasmere Gallop 7

As a new comer to this event can any of you experienced runners give me some idea of the course ( hills etc ) .



  • Only been running 3 to 4 miles for the last couple of weeks - studying has taken over my training but back to it now. I fancy having a stab at the Grasmere Gallop but need some feedback about the course. Used hills living in South Lakeland but have never tried multi-terrain.
  • HI
    Does anyone know if there are guaranteed entries on the day or if it is only if the race limit has not been reached?
  • Start is on road then a climb out of Grasmere towards Great Langdale, then the course drops onto Loughrigg Terrace and around the far end of Rydal Water, then back across the bottom end of Grasmere onto the road on which the race started and then back to the finish (which is about 400m past the start).

    I'd say this was undulating to hilly but a good fun event for anyone new to a multi terrain race. You'll enjoy it - it's not an easy run but it's very scenic!

    The Fun Run is also ok and does the same route except it only goes to the bottom end of Grasmere and then just doubles back.

    I'll stick my neck out and say that no-one has been turned away during the past 3 years when they have turned up on the day. I can't see that being any different this year although I haven't received the entry list yet so I don't know how things are going.
  • Just got the entry list through - looking at the numbers there should be no problem at all for on the day entries!
  • did the bendrigg 10k today that was undullating so am ready for this one
  • Hi
    Ran this today, Very tough course!
    Does anyone know the approx distance of the course?
    Someone said it was 7.3 Miles and I've also heard 7.5 Miles
  • what a was well worth travelling over 3 hundread miles to do is the secound time i have done it.the first being 5 years ago.i will do it again next year without doubt.
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