Training Session: Xmas Eve!

What: EATING, EATING, EATING, EATING, doing some hill reps, EATING, EATING!
Why: doh!

Last hard: Today! (I have a 'nice' hill nearby)
Last rest: The other day


  • you only posted this now because you didn't want sarcy doing it before you! :)

    i don't know yet, may well go for a long run(to empty the ol' glycogen stores) 12-16 miles depending on time, mood, and what my body tells me

  • 5:40am 4M easy run [already done!]
    pm: Mile reps.
    Why: If this week goes well I plan to race a spring marathon.
    Still at work today, so a
    VeRy MeRrY cHrIsTmAs
  • rest day
    On official programme, and BOY am i sticking to it
  • Morning all

    What: nothing
    Why: travelling

    I will hopefully make it out the door tomorrow to gear the old body up for Christmas Dinner and if I'm lucky try out any new Christmas running gear :)

    Have a wonderfull Christmas everybody and catch up with you alll in the New Year.

    xx (kisses for the girls, and a good firm handshake to all the lads)
  • Morning all -

    Hills for me to - then alot of drinking and making merry!
  • Morning:-

    What: 7 Miles, 10 Minute Warm Up, then 10 * 1 Minute Fast (2 Minute jog receovery), finish the 7 miles.
    Why: RW Marathon Schedule says so.

    Have a good Christmas!
  • Hi'

    What : NOTHING
    Why : rest day

    Outrunning, how can you go running at this time of the morning in this weather???

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Everybody!

  • What: Legs stil knackered from Sunday when I over did it! Shame actually, thee club's doing 8 miles over Epsom Downs which sounds good.

    Should make it out the door tomorrow if the blood content of my alcohol stream gets high enough!

    HMG - going running in this weather (and a lot worse!) is pretty much necessary in this country if you're training for a spring marathon or something. It gets a lot worse than this!!
  • What: Vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathroom, washing kitchen floor. Will try to fit a resistance session in somewhere (probably the living room)

    Why: Got to make room for Christmas somehow.

    Merry Christmas everyone!
  • Morning all

    What : Nothing
    Why : Because - I've not run since Sunday now

    Have a good christmas one and all
  • Morning all
    Damp & dull, but lovely and mild here.

    Sleep disturbed again last night as I got a call from work at 00:20. Partially made up for it this morning.

    What: Depends on how I feel, but either
    9.3K at intended Helsby race pace (6:24 per mile)
    or my 10.3K course at same pace if I'm feeling good
    or 3 x 2 miles at 6:20 pace off 3 minute or 1/3 mile jogged recoveries.

    Why: Don't know how I'll feel after the weekend efforts (though stiffness from Sun has gone). If I do the latter (round a circuit which stays close to home), I'll be able to back off (leave out a rep) if I find it too hard.

    Last hard days: Sun, Fri
    Last rest days: Mon, Sat
  • What 6-8 Miles
    Why A four year Christmas Eve tradition.

    Nice wind down at lunchtime from work.
  • What: 5 miler at some point today
    Why: schedule says so and had big fat bloater chinese last night (food not fella!)

    Leaving work in 10 mins so:

  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Merry Xmas Wolfy, and everyone else.

    Runner - a well aimed blow to the nethers will get rid of that chimp, but maybe you should use him for a bit of resistance training.

    What: Today I will need a LOOOONNNNGG run. Mum is here for Xmas, and is driving me nuts already. I've only been at work for 2 hours and she's phoned twice already (I don't NEED to know the window cleaner is here!) and spent last night following me from room to room.

    Why: To maintain sanity and Christmas spirit.

    Planning to run every day until coming back to work on 6th January.
  • Up at 6. Tesco at 7. Work at 8. 6 mile run. Shower. Desk at 9. Coffee and crumpets at 10. Forum at 11. Home at 12.

    Merry Christmas everyone. Hope Santa brings you something nice.
  • What: 6 x Mile in spikes, offroad, 5:45 avg., 45 second jog recoveries
    Why: Horwill say's
    Last Hard: Today! Yippee!
    Last Rest: Saturday, (Booo!)

    Merry Xmas everybody!
  • with relatives and family buzzing around today, that 16 miler is getting increasingly more distant. might split it up into two sessions.

    anyway, merry christmas everyone:)
  • Merry Christmas all, hope everyone has a great day tomorrow and a little of what they wished for!

    What: 10 miles in my santa hat (got quite a few honks from motorists)@ 1/2 marathon pace-7:06 min miles.
    Why: wanted a longish hard run before having my 2 days of rest.
    Last hard: today
    Last rest: from running yesterday, but not from training. Thursday was my last day of doing nothing.

    Be merry, ho,ho,ho!
  • Running in the light, now there's a novelty.

    What: 5 miles with middle 2 1/2 run at race pace (which for me is just under 7 mins per mile).
    Why: have not run at pace for more than a mile since dec 1.
    Last rest: Saturday.
    Last hard: Sunday.

    Happy xmas and I hope Santa brings everything the kids want.
  • 3 easy miles
    Just in case im too busy on call to go running tomorrow
  • Finally managed to get out!

    What: 10km off road run, and boy was this fun!!

    Why: Changed my running about slightly this week, so done me off road today.

    Last Hard: Saturday

    Last Rest: Sunday

    Have a great Christmas folks
  • ho hummmmmmmmmmmmm,

    i haven't run yet............

    distant like i said................
  • What - 7 miles steady
    Why - it's on my schedule!
    Last hard - tomorrow!

    A very merry.....everyone. Have a great holiday season with plenty of cheer.

  • Finally got out at 19:00 after a hard afternoon's shopping.
    3 x 2 miles off 3 minute recoveries, in which I jogged 1/3 of a mile.
    times: 12:38; 12:39; 12:50

    Not very much in the tank - particularly by the time I did the last rep.
    Oh well, 2 days of nice easy running, & significant volumes of rest and carbo (and protein and fat and maybe even some alcohol) loading to come....

    Merry Xmas all
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