FFF Club Christmas Eve 2002

Happpy Christmas Eve festive fit friends -

Hope its a very special special one for you all

love and BIGGG hugs

mince pie flavoured cookie anybody ?

hums 'Chestnuts roasting on an open fire...doo doo doooby dooby do....

...merry christmas to you!'


  • happy coookkkkiiiiieeeeeeesssss toooo!
  • know what you mean Pixie
    Cant even believe I'm up at this time, and its still dark

    Happy Christmas Everybody!
  • Ive been shopping!!!!!!!!!!!!
    At 6.30
    merry Xmas all
    No running for me, official rest day
  • Bune, dont you sleep?
  • Happy Christmas Eve all! Two crib services today, with about 400 people at each. Aaargh!

    Benz, shopping where?!?!?!?
  • Marks and spencers
    sassie, try to have a nice day if you can:)
  • Merry Christmas everyone. Run later (well, maybe) and then lots of eating and drinking.
  • Morning everyone!

  • chmp? Is that cos you think of me as a Champ or a chump Pix?
  • You'll always be Runner to us Chimp!
  • Hi redhead!

    Hmmmmmmmm (tee-hee!)
  • Mornin' all. Haven't been around for a while and haven't been out pounding the streets for over a week - feel v.bad about that. But it is Christmas and although I should be changing sheets on beds, hoovering, washing, ironing I'm not - I'm catching up with any goss here.
    Hope you have a really good Christmas (no embarrassing / awkward moments from inebriated relatives (yourselves included)) and a very happy New Year.
    Love Claire
  • We've just got a package from our Solicitors about the house and land we are buying. The documents we have to read are 11/2" thick and are written in legal gobbledegook. Think I need some alcohol before I tackle that little lot!
  • Nah. Just sign it Redhead. It'll be reet!
  • Merry Christmas everyone....I'm just off down the gym for an hour and a half sanity break wwhile my two overexcited boys play in the creche...bliss!
    Feeling happy today - just calculated by BMI as 24 when I was convinced it would be 30ish!!! Yee har , pass the mince pies!

  • Merry Christmas one and all

  • Merry Christmas Slowpoke. You going to catch a game over the festive period?
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    Merry Christmas everyone. Probably won't be around much from lunchtime until my Mum goes home next weekend, as the computer at home is in the spare room where she's sleeping. So have a wunnerful time all, and do lots of runny stuff. Hope Santa brings you all lots of lovely Nike gear and there's plenty of time to test drive it.

    Special thoughts to everyone who's been having a tough time this year - next year can only get better.

    Nessie. XXXXX
  • Helllloooo crunch crunch munch

    everybody feelin festive - hope so !

    Finally succumbed to my first mince pie but im being restrained on the cookie front so far.....but there is a rather large stash of crumbly chrimbly things waiting to be scoffed over the festivities mmmmmm

    Hope Everyone is sorted for chrimbly and looking forward to the break however short it is!

  • Hiya Pix

    cant you play on your peecee?
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