FFF Club Christmas Eve 2002



  • Only the first 5 or 6 benz. You'll be fine after that.
  • ..but despite what I said earlier I do get a warm kind of glow afterwards which is nice, and I can cope with the pain and (dare i say it here) "boredom" if I'm running with music - you can sort of pretend your ...er dancing -- or get lost in a trance like state!

    would never have got through Dublin if the radio hadn't been playing 100 top records of all time - in fact when reception conked out for a good few miles it was extremely difficult

    I've found my new speed/distance monitor a great encouragement in terms of on-the-road motivation

    I think the key to progress must be some speed work and more regular long runs

  • If I do speed work should cut my distance down ?
  • darent run with music, as i often run in the dark, and my visions not too good in the light anyway, so need to keep ears open
  • I listen to music in my head, usually the same song time after time after time

  • ...tip for next year - got a nifty little device from Smiths you wear on your wrist and pull out precut strips of Scotch invisible tape one at a time - made the whole process much less of a pain than usual
  • friend of a friend walked out in front of a lorry and was on intensive care for some time - apparantly all the nurses and her friends kept going on about her wearing headphones

    like well yes point taken, but she's on a ventilator now, so perhaps you could focus on that
  • Why were the nurses and her friends wearing headphones? And how could they hear each other going on about her?
  • Chimp, I'm going to nominate you and Mrs Chimp for URWRCF New Years Honours List - along with Running Commentary
  • helloo -anyone about now or later ron?
  • benz has been in and out bune but she's cut her lip and is applying gin (to be taken internally apparently)
  • hello
  • Hi folks!

    Not many of us around - is there something special happening tonight??
  • Dont think so
  • bu77er ! missed everyone again!
  • no, not in bath yet
    hi Bune
  • oh well
    catch anyone later
  • oooeerr!

    later again - better do some wrapping!
  • Bollox, were destined to miss each other
    Ive just had a good snivel in the bath
  • aw benz - you got the seasonal bleughs?

    I will keep checking in on the 1/2 hour til i catch up!!
  • of course

  • The fourth gin that i shouldnt have in this state( imean trebles)
    So i can chat to meself for a bit
    But NO, gotta be sociable with the mr soon
    Pull self together
  • wassup benz?
  • actually thats a silly question really - you ok?
  • Yes
    usual snivels
    well a bit worse
    I Listened to the Robbie williams song, and it set us off
  • Course, Im at work tomorrow
    a great leveller
  • yes i know what you mean - the hole inside one - i was feeling that a couple of days ago - hadnt realised how much I shop to anaestitise (sp!) myself - wish I could workout why its so much worse at Chrimbo !

    time for some serious processing
  • are you on renal - or general on call - at the hosp for the full 20odd hours?
  • Yeah
    but the run didnt help, it was hard
    You know about the hole then
    its NOT babies, WHY do people persist in this delusion#
    (sorry if U are of opposite views)
  • renal
    on call from home
    ward full tho
    And new little docs who need help
    Mr going to family for dinner
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