Wells Fun Run

What's it like?

No forum?
No ratings?

Can anybody help?


  • It's in Wells and it's a fun run. Okay?
  • Sarcasm, I like that.....

    ....like is it flat/hilly, straight/twisty, urban/rural - PB potential or not? what is the sort of race number turn out? winning time last year? will I be queuing for ages to get a number?

    just general helpful stuff like that - planning prevents poor performance - and it also means I know how long I have in bed on a Sunday morning!?

    Have you ever run it?
  • Sounds interesting - can I add another question - how far is it??? I'm just wondering - if the Junior race is 5k, how long is the "fun run"?
  • Is this any help (If it works):
    There's also some really interesting info some of the links.
  • Yes it worked, cheers. Not vastly informative but more helpful!

    It feels fairly low key but what else would it be in this part of the world?
  • The junior race and the 5KM are separate events. The 5km I am hoping is a 'proper' race and starts at 11am. The junior race is only a mile and starts at 10.30. But I would be interested if anyone out there from Somerset knows the course ??
  • Nothing constructive to add to this thread, except.....

    This is the only race I ever won, ever ever ever!!!!

    Junior (under 18's)event in what I think was the inaugural race in 1985.

    Oh, happy memories... unfortunately never to be repeated (discovered beer and women so went off running for the next 18 years.)
  • Just to be clear, in 1985 (or was it '86?) the under 18's event was run over the same course as the main event. My abiding memories were:-

    a) All-out sprinting down the high street at the start
    b) Getting lost near the golf course because the marshall had wandered off.
  • Just done this one.
    Very plesant feeling to it at the start and was looking forward to it.

    I felt the race order could have been improved though. I ran the 5k and was overtaking 10k runners on the narrow track sections which was awkward and probably annoying for all involved (i tried to be as nice and not-pushy as possible!!). And as a 10k runner, seeing faster 5k runners over take you is bound to be a bit depressing (in the half/full marathon setting it is awe inspiring to see full marathon runners over take those running the half though!!).

    On the final straight a marshall said "third lady" to me which was great, but I think there were three ahead of me, though maybe by categories I could scrape it. Lots of hanging around at the end, only to find out that they were only giving prizes to first place runners!!! Hey ho. Wells is very pretty, and I would like to go there again when the shops are open!!!
  • I ran the 5km which was advertised as starting at 11am but actually started 2 mins after the 10km start at 10.30. So i only just got there in time !! Also meant that i was overtaking some 10km runners after about 5mins. I agree Jen, very disheartening for them, but also b****y annoying for me, as it def. slowed me down. Race described as 'gently undulating'.Come on !! I would say it was 'twisty and one monster of a hill '. Also very narrow wooded track at one point. So all in all nice course but not accurately described and don't go there for a PB. I was about 50 secs down on my usual 5km time, but 2nd lady overall.
  • Pin - didn't you win your category too? And if that is you, then you run for a club local to me, Les Croups! Hello local lady!!!

    Interesting that you say you were 50 seconds down on your 5k PB. I don't really run 5k and am doing a few to build confidence for a shot at a 45 min 10k in Sept. I would like to know I can go at the right pace for half the distance before pinning my hopes and going for it at twice the distance!!!

    23:23 is therefore my current 5k pb - do you reckon I might get closer to 22:30 on a flatter course then???? I am doing the Run and Become transendence series in Bute Park and trying to keep at sub 7:30 min mile for all three races. Managed the 2 mile race at 7:13 pace so hoping I will be ok.

    Sorry - hijacked the thread a little!!
  • What a lovely course and the start down the high street was fun - just close your eyes in the 4th/8th km!!

    Not too friendly a parking situation! I had a 5min a walk to HQ - lucky it was a warm day so all I needed was my running kit to wait around in.

    ...next year I might focus on the 5km (the trophies looked rather good) but there again the 18min winning time might actually be very quick if the obstacles you all encountered were that bad!!

  • nice run but the early start caught me out...was still pinning my number on at the start line...
    Jen, from my split times, i think that "little hill" at 4k added about 1 - 1.5 min to my time...still I managed a pb so was pleased, just have to find a flat 5k now...
  • I found the hill bearable, but that might be because I run in Caerphilly and am up and down Caerphilly mountain a fair bit these days (training for Snowdon 10miles in July).

    Did anyone on here run Pensford 10k a few weeks back? That is what I was comparing the Wells hill to, which is why it didn't seem like too evil a climb!!!!!
  • It was an evil suprise for a race described as "gently undulating"...
  • I was in touch with the organisers before entering as I wondered if I might have a stab at a PB if I took on the 10k. At first they said it was pretty much flat, but when the authorities came to verify the course the hill was described as "severe". I guess it depends what you are used to!
  • First I'll declare my interest - I helped to organise this event. We will be paying great attention to the comments in this forum when preparing for next year's event.

    Secondly, may I apoligise for the mistakes we made this year, notably:
    - description of course (hills)
    - 5K start time
    - results and prizes

    We will be sure to describe the hill more accurately next year (it honestly didn't seem that severe to us 'cos we spend our lives climbing up the side of the Mendips!)

    I am really sorry for those who turned up later than they would have done had they known it start at 10:30am. Please would someone tell me where the wrong time (11am) came from? Was it only this forum? Next year we will make doubly that sure all advertising has the same story (and make sure I pay attention to this forum!).

    Comments about race start order are noted, and we will review this for next year. [We thought that more would enter the 5K who were running for the first time (we ran a training diary in the local press), and we therefore sought to avoid them being trampled by those in the 10K.]

    The results were not announced soon enough, nor were the prize-winners. We will do it faster next year (even if it's simply by using more computers and more operators!).

    Lastly, thank you for running! (and for listening)
  • Andrew - thank you! Always nice to hear race organisers comments on the runners comments.

    I personally haven't a clue where 11am came from as your website said 10:30am and I didn't realise the different races were going off at different times.
    Re: 5k and 10k order, I think your reasons are fair enough, but I do think it needs to be revisited for next time. Maybe delay by longer if the 10k still goes first...?

    I will look forward to next year!
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