Nike London 10k

Nike London run - 10k around Richmond Park. 20,000 places, 10 quid to enter.

You get a "nice" yellow t-shirt for the price, which you have to wear for the run as it's got your number printed on it.

Anyone up for it?


  • I'll try to make the link operational this time...
  • ummm tempted, doing the Windsor half the following week so think I should probably do a long run the date of the Nike 10K no? (quite new to all this)
  • Amazingly, Nike only announced the 2002 10K on Monday and already the website is announcing that the event is full. We've been told that some places are still available from the hotline on 080 800 10 000, or to runners who join the Nike Training Runs

  • Nike 10K is full even when you call them on the hotline. You can only get a place by attending 5 of the training sessions in August.
    RW: Is there anyway we can find out why its full so quickly after announcing its open?
  • You know, I think it's all down to an absolute ton of publicity. Last year's race sold 10,000 places in 4 days; this one sold 15,000 within a day.

    Maybe they should put one on every week?

    Sean, RW
  • Any body know of any 10k races in early part of 2003 in the south?

    Sign up details would be great.

  • JC

    They'll be added on this site in the coming months. And with a bit of luck some of them will be available to enter online. Certainly if not there are entry forms you will be able to download online.

  • Jeremy

    Thanks look forward to forthcoming events lst
  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭
    I'm plaaning to be there - I'm also ruuning the windsor half the following weekend. So Plan A is to run the 10k at (or about my target HM pace)
    All those runners in the same colour vest at least makes a good photo opportunity
  • I'd love to be there but unless you live in London. I live on the South Coast, only 50 miles away, and often enter London races, but again this year only heard about it after it was full!! Good luck to everyone who actually got an entry!
  • Sorry what I deleted after 'unless you live in London' was 'you won't have an entry'
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