No energy...

OK guys and gals.. (Sounds like Jimmy Saville) I need to get some help advice etc...

During the BB 1/2 yesterday, Mrs RB had a strange phenomenon in that she seemed to 'hit the wall' at about 4 miles!!!!!

She described it a little like hypoglycaemia (sp?) in that she was fine and dandy one minute then suddenly felt drained of all energy. So much so that even a brisk walk was out of the question. We (I?) eventually got her dragged around in about 2.27 but for her it was a nightmare.

Breakfast at around 7.30 was a cup of tea and 2 x Weetabix, followed by plenty of water. We had pasta the night before so carbs should have been up to scratch. We took Lucozade Sport with us to drink going round and a sachet of energy gel (just in case). The gel seemed to do no good at all BTW.

So the question is, what went wrong? What can we do to avoid this situation in future? For the ladies, can pre TOTM have an effect?

Any help much appreciated as we need to get something sorted before Windsor. (During the run yesterday Mrs RB said several times that she wasn't ****** well going to run ever again!!!)

I know that someone out there has an answer so let's be having you...

Many thanks,

All the best,



  • The poor girl! I've found that altohugh really minging, gels really work for me. Is the lady in question used to doing the distance? If so, theres a chance she's oing down with something cos thats the way I feel when I run and I'm ill.

    Hope she ******* gets back into running again soon!

  • Probably too much nooky the night before, leaving her shagged out.

    Suggests she ditches her boyfriend and gets back together with you again for a bit of peace and quiet...
  • PMT, RB, much less of a mouthful than pre TOTM! Yes, I've found that PMT can have all sorts of strange effects from migraines to not been able to drink! Perhaps, Mrs RB, should get herself to a GP, though, to be on the safe side. I'm no doc, but does sound like some sort of blood sugar level fluctuation, possibly overload - but I have no idea. BTW, well done to her in getting round in 2:27 if she felt like that at 4 miles. Of course, she'll do Windsor!
  • Snoop! You've come back! Nice photo Dawg! Word up!
  • OK, here's a couple of thoughts from someone who also suffered at BB....

    1) get blood iron levels checked. females are usually lowere than males and a work colleague of mine had a huge prob with fatigue and it turned out to be this. iron tablets did the trick

    2) check training (which i am doing as we speak). 13 miles is no small distance and although some of the more optimistic amongst us, might think that it's do-able on an low training mileage (ahem), i reckon that to really finish comfortably it needs a fair bit of investment in pre-race training. i actually reckon that your 30+ miles/week is about on target RB for about 6 weeks min.....what's mrs RB previous longest to today , what's her weekly mileage.

    the training thing for me has always been binary - lots of training=good run; lo training=bad run...... elegant logic that was borne out in spades yesterday morning

  • WWR- So... I can realistically run 10 miles before getting completely pooped, run 30+ per week but as the Windsor 1/2 website I've got 41 days and counting!!!!!!!
  • Forgot to ask if thats doable?!
  • jon

    your laughing: but i'm in real trouble mate.....

    in 13 days i hope to run (swim???) the budapest half marathon

    in 34 days the new forest half will find me out

    in 41 days i will regret entering the windsor half

    and in 48 days the henley half will take its toll

    OH dear me ...what have i done?
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    For a half marathon in 6 weeks , your long runs now should be up to about 15 miles.

  • there you go.....
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭
    WWR - Good luck , at least Budapest Zoo hasn't lost any animals - I read today that Prague is still missing a hippo....

    Jon - I was only joking about the 15 miles by now.You'll be fine at Windsor within the swathe of blue and yellow URWFRC vests....
  • YOU LITTLE OIK!!! I'll get you for that! Mind you, it probably should be about 15 miles but what the hey!

    PS. Glad to see that Jim Rosenthal was onyl really interested in the Grand Prix yesterday. He said something like "there's flooding everywhere else, but atleast the track's dry"!! PRAT!
  • WWR- Budapest sounds like an interesting option. Are you fitting it in around a holiday. Hopefully the weather won't ruin it. By the time to get to Windsor you'll have done so much running BB will seem a distant memory. Thanks for the recommendation of the Crown, it was a great choice for BK junior.

    Dustin- re 15 miles. Should you be running this distance in training before a Half. I got up to 11 before this one
  • I think the idea is that you go over the distance required in the race so you are 110% ready for it. I was reading the RW Race Prep schedule the other day and it said, for a sub 1:40 that you should be doing 1:50 easy run... I'm sure I could do that, but I'm so bloody impatient that I always go hell for leather in my runs, which is why I've only done 10 miles!
  • You and I have a similar problem there. I think I'm going to get some 15 miles in before Windsor and see if it makes any difference
  • I'm going for a long 'un tonight, see how I feel, but I really think I should get back ot it! Just seen my name on the Windsor list! No. 11654
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Hi RB,

    Poor Mrs RB.

    I've had that feeling too...with me it's down to PMT and it hits me suddenly and I feel as if I just can't carry on. Totally empathise with the 'not ******* ever going to run again' as you feel like ****! Don't know what you can do to counter it. Perhaps V-rap will offer some advice.

    I think she did really well to get round at all and definitely deserves some chocolate/other prezzie from her caring hubby!!
  • Dear all,

    Just to bring the thread back a bit to the original question... thanks to those who gave helpful suggestions. I'm not so sure about Snoop's reply. Maybe a little upset about my pointing out your 'slight' weight gain???


    I definitely think we need to up the mileage and frequency of training. The fact that Mrs RB has been taking it a little easy due to a niggle in her knee may well have been a contributing factor.

    If anyone else has any thoughts I would be glad to hear them.

    All the best,

  • Hello Redhead,

    I think we cross-posted.

    Thanks for your thoughts. Maybe the PMT is part of the problem as Snick's also mentioned it. I'll sort out the prezzie asap.

  • Thought you might choose that picture Redhead. Looking forward to Theale? Just like JasonL you'll recognize me by the John Wayne walk

    Yes a prezzie is in order for Mrs RB and is one for Mrs BK for two hours of hell with BK junior
  • Blue Knees, just saw some great cowboy gear in Camden that would go very nicely with your John Wayne walk!
  • We could both run in it at the next race...


    Cowboy gear reminds me of the YMCA song, not necessarily any image we probably want to take any further.

    Still upset I didn't get to meet your clanger Jason.
  • NessieNessie ✭✭✭
    PMT does hinder me quite a bit, especially if a race/run falls just the day "before". If MrsRB's next race coincides with PMT again, she should avoid alcohol/coffee for a couple of days beforehand. I also find that sports drinks/gels make me feel a bit sick on those days, and I feel as if I have a slump after taking them, like the chocolate hit/slump we all know about. I find that taking a paracetamol an hour pre-run helps (I tend to get bad PMT headaches, so perhaps its psychological). Not sure that chomping on a jam sandwich would look the part in a half, but maybe the sugars in the sports drinks are being absorbed too easily and causing a reaction.

    Starting very slow and gradually increasing the pace seems to help a bit too.

    Another thing worth considering is the emotional effects of PMT. I have considered giving up running in the past after having a couple of disasterous runs with PMT. It was only realising the timing that stopped me chucking it all in. If the physical effect of PMT make you feel sluggish, the emotional effects make you feel (irrationally) that you can't do it, that you are rubbish, and why did you bother trying in the first place. This makes you feel worse, reinforcing the negative attitude, and the physical tiredness. The confidence of having run the distance before will help dispel the negative thoughts, so additional training may well help.
  • For anyone who doesn't know what we're talking about your last post sounded slightly iffy... ;-)

    The Clanger only comes out for Marathons
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    RB, if it was PMT that caused the problem then you'd better be quick with the chocolates!

    BK, yes looking forward to Theale although you'll have run the race and been to the pub by the time I finish! Hope Baby Blue Knees and Mrs BK are going to cheer us on. Mr Redhead has promised to come and look proud too. See you there.
  • Redhead, we'll wait for you to finish and the rumour I'm always in the pub at the nearly slanderous but actually mostly true

    Yes Jason you're right, perhaps we should clarify that we both ran PB's yesterday and are felling a little stiff
  • RedheadRedhead ✭✭✭
    Gentleman, pleeeeeeze!!!!!!!!!!
  • BK, it's like stepping into a Carry on Film.
    Enter Kenneth William's Stage left...
  • I really hadn't realised how I'd worded that. Apologies for those with a delicate disposition.
  • Hello Nessie,

    Thanks for your input amongst the smut (boys!!.. really!! Oooh! Matron!)

    I'll take on board what you said about PMT. It did get a little emotional out there at times, so maybe that's part of the problem.

    Choccies at the ready!!! ;-)

    All the best,

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