connemarathon, can you handle it?

hi there everybody, sawa promo flyer for the connemarathon today. how great does that look?

i'm probably biased, but i love running in the irish countryside, soooooo, i'm gonna do the half marathon in connemara in march (30) 2003. anyone else going?

i'm thinkning of goin for about a sub 1:40 time, i think that's within my grasp.

i'm not subscribed to runnesworld, so any training information i would get would mainly come from their FREE training schedules. are these adequate? also, advice on nutrition and when to train would be wlecome,

see you all there

we could call it a "training forum get together" conceptual eh???



  • just boinging my thread there guys. why isn't the connemarathon listed on RW race diary?
  • There is already a thread for this that has been on the go since the end of October, if you could be bothered to look in the "events" section it is under "The Connemarathon" which might have been a hint as to the content.
    See you there.
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