the "i desperately want a running partner thread"

Who: are you?
What: are you running/training for
Where: are you training from?
When: is the race and what is it?
time: just how fast?

merry christmas people


  • Already started your Christmas Drink?!
    Christmas Merry to you too! Hic!!!
  • That wouldn't be Belfast_Philemena by any chance, if so I could tell you 'bout my plans for Connemara?

    no? Oh well nevermind!
  • humph...I guess that might appear a little confusing --- and possibly also a little bit worrying!!
  • Bad boy:)
  • nope, just saw all the FLM people hyjacking the training thread in search of partners,

    that.............and also some drink, huuuuuuuuuuum, and they sad it was mulled wine.
  • I've in fact been good boy all day as going round to the neighbours - just had 1 can now and feel
    p*ssed already
  • Well, merry Xmas mate
    Im on 2nd gin
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