knee pain

Having changed trainers from Air Kantra to Mizuno Legend I have experienced pain on the inside and underneath the kneecap area .originally started after a 16 mile run and despite r,i,c,e + iboprufen no improvement felt and reoccurs at 3-4 mile stage.
Has anyone any ideas as the cause or how to treat this injury. Is it shoe related or a co-incidental injury


  • David - is the pain in the middle of the knee, not on the sides? Does it hurt to go uphill and especially downhill? If the answers to these are 'yes', then it could be patellar tendinitis. Let me know if the injury fits this description - if so, don't run!
  • DR - sounds pateller (big word for kneecap), in my case chondromalacia patallae probably from too much cycling too sooon rather than running, but has stopped the running for the moment.

    Assuming it's that, checkout: and, or for knee stuff generally :

    Problem I've found in being a runner, and more recently cyclist/triathlete, is the medics stop listening at 'runner' and assume it's all down to that, no any other sporting or non-sporting reason. Check out a few web sites to see common (or un-common) causes/treatment, as there's always several, and have a better dialogue with your gp/physio.

    good luck with it
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