Training Session Xmas Day!

What: A few miles before dinner
P-A-R-T-Y? Cos I gotta!*

Last hard: Will be today, reference motivation!
Last rest: The other day

* - sorry. i really like that film though :)


  • What: an hours steady running around Grafham water.
    Why: it is on the way to my sisters and an hour's running=1000 calories to be made up.
    Last hard: yesterday.
    Last rest: Saturday.

    I'm off, have a nice day everyone.
  • What: 6 Steady miles in 6:20's
    Why: felt really strong :) Yippeee!
    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: Saturday

  • Merry Christmas

    I'm just off to run to the top of the hill.
    Four(ish) miles round trip, 500m ascent and loads of dead bracken.
    Christmas is for enjoying yourself.
  • Running on Christmas day? You must be mad. I've had too much food and drink to run today.
  • Just got back from a hill session (10 x 30secs up, jog down) warmup, warmdown. That'll do for today.

    Now we're on for turkey dinner and lots of wine.
  • Running on Xmas Day? Definitely!
    I've made it a tradition - even when I've had bugs in previous years I've made a point of getting out there and at least doing a token distance.
    Today: Up to a deserted Caldy CC and did 5½ laps of the grounds nice & slow - a 32 minute recovery jog - as my legs are pretty dead from yesterday and the mileage they've had recently.
    Nice & mild, but a shower unfortunately dampened the first 2 laps.
    Xmas dinner over, presents opened, 1 can of DAB & 2 large crystal glasses of Spätlese to the good. Just time for a quick peek around the forums, then maybe I can sneak a nap....
  • Interval session. 300 x Lounge to Kitchen ;-)

    Merry Christmas to all...
  • Well done Ironwolf,

    You would have to tie me down to stop me running today!
    What: 13M steady
    Why: So I can eat lot
    Last rest: Fri
  • Change of plan. I ended up doing hill reps instead (6 of, at a rather 'nippy' speed, fast jog/slowish run recoveries). Ironically enough, this was because I couldn't be a**ed running to the next village and back - there's a hill jut down the road. Of course, the gentle run I *would* have had would have been much easier than the stupidly fast hill reps I ended up doing, but the false logic appealed to me as a way to 'sneak' in a hard session and still tell myself I dossed on xmas day! heh heh! ;)
  • Weight training day. Standing up after turkey and pud. One rep was enough !!

    But feel vaguely virtuous having done a hard 45 min on an exercise bike yesterday (protecting an ankle). Which burnt all of 10 % of today's calories !

    Happy Christmas all !

  • 13 miles! You must have a flexible family.

    Feel bloated, mainly with alcohol, but did get out for 30 mins this am, ran as fast as I could, probably only burnt off the equivalent of 1/2 glass of wine and a mince pie, ah well, long run tomorrow!.

    Happy Christmas all!
  • PS Also did 5 miles fartlek yesterday with a crashing hangover.
  • Starve a fever, feed a cold.

    My cold should be fed enough to run another 4 years after today. No training since the 16th - slaps fat wrist.

    Shall be donning brand new off-roaders and romping through the forest at dawn tomorrow

    or maybe 11, and just round the block

    or to the fridge
  • I certainly fed the cold!

    Will do that 6 miles tomorrow :-)

    Only trouble is that means an extra sesh on Friday which means less rest before Sunday. I'm trying to keep the training at three times a week at the moment. Any comments on this?

  • What: Nowt
    Why: Just too darn busy, and ive gotta have one day off this week!!!
    Last Hard: Saturday
    Last Rest: xmas day
  • Did Father Xmas, Had breakfast, made Harry Potter Potion, drank it...etc etc....packed the car (an hour) running gear on etc... but when I got to family's too many people already arrived and there was no escape...ah well, maybe next year. Well done all who ran.
  • me also nothing, i'm so ashamed
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