London Duathlon 2005

£45 entry? They're having a laugh, ain't they?

Fortunately, I'm doing a club time trial so probably won't be able to do it!


  • Hmmm - does seem a bit over the top doesn't it ?
  • I'd really like to try a duathlon since I can't swim but £45 is about 3x too much.

    I could only find the price on one section of the site - I wonder if it was a typo? (I doubt it though)
  • £45 exactly what I thought but still imagine they'll have 000's enter (I wont be one of them)

  • If I'm not mistaken, isn't the entry to the London Tri £64, irrespective of what event you enter (supersprint, sprint, oly)? If so, £45 for the du seems proportionately extortionate!

  • I was going to Email asking why it is sooooo expensive but couldn't find any contact link on the site.
  • Took me ages to find out it was £45 !
  • me too - it's well hidden until the last moment
  • Well it is expensive, but I've entered it anyway. I guess they had to fork out quite a lot to get Royal Parks to agree to shut out the traffic

    I've been looking for a beginner's duathlon for months and this seems a perfect way to start; it's just down the road and I know the park well. I could wait round for a cheaper one but it might not turn up for ages. And by the time you've paid petrol and spent a couple of hours getting there and back I reckon the difference would be negligible.

    Anyone else doing it?
  • I've been ripped off as well... but if i didn't enter I know that I would regret being in the park that day watching and wondering why I hadn't given it a try... anyone got a bike I can borrow?!?
  • I'm doing it (my first duathlon, but then it is also my first running event!) hence my question earlier about how to train.

    Knowing the park well from many 100's of laps training on my bike I reckon both the ride and the run's will be difficult, hilly routes.

    I'm feeling nervous already.
  • fat buddhafat buddha ✭✭✭
    seeing London Tri have had my dosh, and this is one week after Vitruvian 1/2 IM - I won't be there...........

    have fun those doing it.........
  • I've got a dilemma actually inasmuchas I have a place in the New Forest half the next day. Much as I love the race, I've done it twice before whereas I've never done a duathlon. I'm wondering whether to do the NFHM as well, maybe as a very long recovery run. Or is that just desperate?
  • I don't mind being ripped off either!! It will be my first duathlon and my 41st birthday so I HAD to enter!!! lol
  • OK that's

    Scott Phillips 2
    Rio Fair

    As it's my first I'm doing the shorter one (disparagingly called the Fun race) as I reckon it'll be less embarrassing and good enough as an introduction to the discipline. What about the rest of you?
  • Thinking about this one - put of by the price at the moment and the prospect of having to travel up fom Southampton way.

    Never done a duathlon before so would probably go for the 'fun' distances.

    Anybody know of any others on the south coast?
  • because i have that slightly mad streak in me...

    Mackem (fun?!)
    Spans (challenge!)
    Scott Phillips 2
    Rio Fair
  • TGTBTI I am coming from Wales so about the same sort of distance. Never done one before but doing the challenge anyway!! Cos I am mad too

    Mackem (fun?!)
    Spans (challenge!)
    Scott Phillips 2
    Rio Fair (challenge)
  • I have never done one either - just entered this morning - buying a bike this week (am highly excited). Really think I could get into the 'tri thing'.

    Anyone any tips for a newbie?
  • I've entered this one too, also as a complete newbie to duathlon, and as a complete newbie to cycling....should be interesting.

    Any tips on how much training and/or the best type of training to improve your cycling would be gratefully appreaciated.

    I'll add my name to the list

    Mackem (fun?!)
    Spans (challenge!)
    Scott Phillips 2
    Rio Fair (challenge)
    Leo M (challenge)
  • Leo as a newbie to cycling too I am going to approach it the same way as running - gradually increasing mileage and intensity!

    Be sure to practice transition from cycle to last run though because your calves cramp at the second run if they are not stretched out. Apparently the best way to do this is ride the last mile or so out of the saddle.
    I have tried run to cycle and cycle to run in the gym and it isn't easy!
  • I'm doing the du as well - done a few years of triathlon but this is my first duathlon

    Anyway, as RF said, practise the bike to run transition - it feels very weird, but if you know what to expect you'll soon get the hang of it. I find I run too fast out of the bike leg, and then knacker myself.

    I'm still wondering what the route will be - not all the hills

    PS - I'm doing the 'challange'!
  • Oooh someone with experience among us!!

    Be prepared for alsorts of questions Chris
  • I'm happy to help out where I can.

    I'm not sure on the bike training side - its only a very short ride, so speed is going to be the order of the day - that and getting round the course without taking it all out of those legs before the final run. I plan to ride circuits of the park more than normal to get used to going up and down the undulations.

    The other thing I have experienced before is cramping in my legs after running before riding - so I'll be concentrating more on strengthening my running more than my bike (as my running is weaker).
  • Hello Rio!
    So, I am a newbie to all of this tri stuff - I am buying my bike this week [hopefully] and decided to book the London duathlon as a starter.

    I am most worried about the transition - you are clipped into the pedals so I can see myself coming to a halt and suddenly finding myself horizontal before having unclipped my feet!!

    I think i will be very slow (i am doing the challenge) because i tend to run longer distances, rather than shorter sprint runs, so I consider myself as more of a plodder when it comes to running.
  • Hmm would love to do this but cant quite justify the £45. Richmond Park is such a great place.

    Can understand that looking after the swimming bit is expensive and requires some organisation but £45 for a fairly short run and cycle??
  • I guess they know it is going to be popular because it is in London, central etc.

    Perhaps it costs alot to do events in main London locations?
  • Twinkles, I know exactly what you mean about being clipped into pedals, I bought my bike last week and cycled it home using cleats for the first time ever....down the A23 through rush hour! I nearly fell in front of cars and buses at almost every traffic light and junction.
  • Yikes! I guess it will take a while to get used to.

    The other thing that worries me is getting punctures or something in the middle of a race.

    I haven't cycled for this may also be a bit of an obstacle!!

    Saying that - I am so excited about getting bike and a wetsuit!!! Ridiculously so!
  • I'm not very good at this multisport stuff - will be shuffling round the second run no doubt

    as for the price - london/high profile events are almost always more costly.

    Entries so far

    Mackem (fun?!)
    Spans (challenge!)
    Scott Phillips 2
    Rio Fair (challenge)
    Leo M (challenge)
    Chris from TriTalk (challenge)
    Zilla (challenge)
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