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Anyone seen the new ASICS Gel Foundation Plus II??? This looks like a quantum improvement over the last 3 Foundation models (the first of which I bought - like wearing a slab of concrete) and I have to say it's just what MC wearers have been waiting for, 'cos the Evolution is a seriously chunky shoe and far too heavy. This looks like a LIGHT motion control shoe, it must be a direct competitor to Saucony's Stabil, but a damn sight better looking. Anyone else seen it?? Seems to have come out in the same release as the Nimbus VII/Cumulus VII


  • Oi! You calling our Stabil ugly? (or just plugging Asics?!?!?)

    Have you seen the new Stabil MC5?

    Look here!
  • I have seen the new Stabil MC5. And I apologise, it's not a bad looking shoe at all - seems to be a nice upgrade to the previous model.

    Would like to try it actually, I took the Regulate out for a spin but it was far too rigid for me and didn't offer enough arch support .... sort of put me off a bit. The shop in Bradford where I tried them were less than helpful I remember. I must make the effort to track down a Stabil and give it a chance.

    I'm not necessarily plugging ASICS, but this new shoe looks good and I'm dying to try it. I bought the Evolution and the Koji before it, and then the original Foundation before that, so I do have some experience of ASICS MC shoes. I think the market is wide open for the the company that comes up with an MC shoe that doesn't look like a brick and has a bit of lightness to it, perhaps that's why your Stabil does so well. This new Foundation Plus 2 could be a competitor methinks.

    Please ASICS, make sure you do it in 2E widths!! The only place I have found it thus far is on the U.S. Road Runner Sports website, Doubtless it will be months before it hits us in the UK.
  • Hi All,
    Apologies for not being able to create a new thread to ask this (don't know if it has something to do with the fact I just registered).

    I was looking to buy some Asics Quantum 360 CH (Red/Green) and I found this website: streamofsound dot co dot uk (not sure if on this forum we can post links).
    The pricing on 67 pounds would at first indicate a scammer, but given that this is an "old" discontinued model, it would be OK.

    So I just wanted to know if anyone know this site, or if you guys have any tips to check if it is too risky to try buying from them.

    I sent an e-mail last week through their contact tool and so far they didn't respond - I asked about the authenticity of the shoes.

    Thanks in advance :smile:
  • I found this website that is great for checking this kind of unknown website:
    Scamadviser dot com (yeah... I can't post links here).

    It looks like this indeed can be some fake/replica website.
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