Polar - new UK distributor

I recently had trouble getting a new watch strap for my Polar monitor because LSI are running down their stocks of spares.

This is because Polar is setting up a wholly-owned subsidiary Polar Electro (UK) Limited to handle all Polar sales, marketing, distribution, customer service and repair functions in the UK and Ireland from 13th June, 2005 onwards.

The contact details will be as follows:

Polar Electro (UK) Ltd
Polar House
Unit L, Heathcote Way
Heathcote Industrial Estate
CV34 6TE
Tel no: 01926 426352
Fax no 01926 428944
Website: www.polaruk.co.uk (On-line from 13.6.2005)
Email: supportuk@polar.fi (starting 13.6.2005)

Should you require any repairs of Polar products after 13th June, 2005, Polar advise that you send them to the above address.

I guess you should still see if LSI will help between now and then, but don't be surprised if they are unable to.


  • Thanksthat's most helpful. I need a battery presently and it probably explains why when I e mailed lsi they didn't asnwer it!
  • I hope that they are better than LSI, had to use them 3 times now and they were cr@p. I was about to write and complain about their service but looks like its not wirth it.
    Thanks RB.
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