Training Session - Boxing Day

(Opinion tends to vary)

What: Nothing. Well, maybe a few easy miles, but probably not.
Why: Hill reps yesterday.

Last hard: Yesterday.
Last rest: Today!


  • 2 miles brisk, as per programme
  • I'm going for a 4.3 mile run around Billinghay Fen and Walcott Fen.
  • I did it in just over 41 minutes.
  • Steady Run for 1 Hour!! Desperately trying to burn off some of that dinner from yesterday!!
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    Going out for an hour or so when I get round to it.

    Weather a bit grim at the moment, so maybe a g&T instead.....
  • Still trying to decide if I can today - woke up with a cold and sore lower back, not sure if I have a temperature or not. Will probably give it a miss and switch my planned 10km to tomorrow's rest day instead. John's gone out in the pouring rain to do his, but left junior wolf cub behind, much to his disgust. Alpha female still is under convalescence from her knee surgery so not allowed to run either. What a sorry bunch.
  • Hi,

    What : By 11am manage to get out of the house!!! 45 minutes run
    Why : Desperatly needed!
    Last Hard : Today, trying to leave the messy house & kids.

    Comments: Great run, started slowly getting fater gradually, then got very hot & luckily for me started pouring rain to cool me down, that keep me going!
    Now back home, sunny blue sky!
    Have a nice day too!
  • In the Longlegs camp ..

    1hr 03 steady, 8 3/4 miles, managed to avoid the rain ...

    ... very pleasant and put off the chores for a wee while ..
  • What: I got out! Hurrah. Managed 50 mins very slow in the rain with a hangover
    Why: It's Christmas - you have to!
    Last hard: Monday 13 miles
    Last easy: Today - very, very slow

    Happy Boxing Day. Just scoffed some more chocolates and bracing myself for more family and more booze tonight! Just think, Gazzer, George Best etc...
  • Happy Boxing Day Folks!

    What: Mega hard off road run, have never seen muddier conditions ever, and hills to die for that were sooooooooooo steep, had to use hands and knees to get up it!

    Why: Running partner said lets do something different in a different area

    Last Hard: Today (HR pushing 192 on some hills)

    Last Rest: Xmas day

    Have fun!!!
  • 2 miles brisk, as on programme
    Felt awful, despite being hydrated, 8 hours sleep and alcohol free for 24 hours
    nevt time im off out with a hangover
  • Hope you're all enjoying Xmas!

    What: 6 miles speed over hilly course. 3mins fast, 3 mins easy.
    Why: I needed to run and the rain was a welcome relief from sitting in front of a fire and stuffing my face with chocolate....
    Last hard: today
    Last rest: yesterday
  • Just got back from 1600m in the pool and an hour in the gym - yes open on Boxing day! - brill!
    No run today as did an hour on the beach / dunes yedterday.
    May do a turbo sesion later.
  • What: 2 miles Warmup, 6x 800m @ 5k pace, 45 sec recoveries, 2 miles Cooldown
    Why: Horwill says
    Last Hard: Tuesday
    Last Rest: Saturday
    Next rest: tommorow

    Enjoy the holuday all,
  • What: gentle jog on a 7 mile loop to admire the flooded valley.
    Last session - hard session on Christmas Eve to do heart rate max tests for a couple of club mates.
    Next session - 7 miler tomorrow morning to check progress on floods.

    I confess - i didn't do my planned run on Xmas Day. Cuddling under the duvet after a breakfast in bed won the day.

  • What: am 5M easy run at 6am.

    Then organised a 5 mile road race. All went quite well & I think [hope] everybody enjoyed themselves.
    I include an under 21 prize in this race as well as the usual one's, an idea of somebody's from this forum. Thank you to them for the idea. Both prizes went to clubmates.
    I did make one mistake, so please don't tell me off. I forgot the eerrmm.... water table for the finish. [I'm sorry this will not happen again].
    Oh & I got to meet my first forumite in the flesh, [Ashley] which was nice as it makes this all seam a bit more real somehow.

    pm: 8M steady to unwind. Should have been a session but decided to swap it around with tomorrow's training.

    Tim :)
  • cornish ironman: can you e-mail me and tell me what a turbo session is? or post it on the forum.

    what: nothing.
    why: caught in the trap of trying to please everybody at once.

    news flash!!!: i have two weeks until the X-Country northern ireland championships......ooooooooh s**t i have got sooooooo much training to do this week.

    merry boxing day people.
  • Hi, glad to see there are no slackers on here...

    What: 5 miles steady am.
    Why: guilt induced session squeezed in before family walk, have slipped so easily into daytime drinking...
    Last hard: Sat.
    Last rest: Mon

    Long run tomorrow or Sat.
  • what: a few strides, then 2 miles in 12:28, then last 2/3rd mile in 5 mins.

    why: Having got up 10.00, spent much of a.m. printing & sellotapiing together 1:25000 Multimap extracts covering the Helsby course (sad or what?), poked around MFI, B&Q & Homebase, then spent the rest of the afternoon comatose in front of the football scores, felt I had to get out & wake my limbs up. But didn't want to take anything out of myself with hard 10-miler planned tomorrow (today now - yikes!).

    last hard day: Xmas Eve
    last easy day: Xmas day
    last long day: Sun
    last rest day: Mon

    night all
  • Didn't run Boxing Day - woke up with a streaming cold and a temperature, courtesy of young nephew.
  • Nearly always enjoy a great run on Boxing Day [and on New Years Day]. This year met clubmates at 8am [how could I think they might wimp out]. Did a steady 11 miler, although I felt good and would have done another 3/4 miles. Had dreamt about such a run and the fresh air involved when overfull and bored with TV the previous day.
  • Belfast Phil,

    A turbo session is a cycling session on a stationary trainer - turbo trainer.
    Basically the bike is clamped into the trainer, and the rear wheel drives the "turbo" part.
    These can be either wind resistance - similar to concept 2 rowing M/C, fluid or magnetic.
    You vary the resistance by using a lever on the handlebars.
    You can get a good workout without the hassle of taking your bike out in the wind and rain.
    Sorry it's nothing more exciting!

  • awwwwwwww man, i thought that it wasa shorter sharp session which could go some way to making up for a missed training session earlier in the day, or something you could do to still get a workout even if you don't have a lot of itme.

    well, may look into getting one, thanks

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