Treadmill running

The link below might be of use.

hope this link is of help to those of you who do some of your running on a treadmill


  • Don't understand where it disappeared to!
  • Hi Hilly,
    That's very very good but, sorry to be a pain, is there an other page for Kilometres by any chance? That's the way of the treadmill at the gym!
  • Sorry 1/2MGirl,
    I only came upon this one by accident and thought it would be useful. The treadmill at the gym I go to can be miles or metres, so I stick to miles, when I use it, which isn't very often.

    If I come across a kilometres conversion page I'll let you know.
  • Thanks Hilly,
    I was just a bit lazy, could work it out myself I supposed!
  • Are these definately accurate? I ask as my 'record' for a 5k outdoors has me running at 8.2 minutes per mile whereas my treadmill pb is ran at 7.2 mins for mile with 0% incline. According to the chart my 7.2 mins at 0% is 'really' like 7.5 minute miles which is way faster than I have ever done out of doors. Maybe I do push myself harder on the treadmill?
  • According to the advice I've been given, treadmills are notoriously inaccurate. When I do my speed sessions with my coach he overrides the machine to increase the maximum speed. This is done by increasing or decreasing a percentage figure which appears on the screen. By doing this he gets the speed to (roughly) 24kph for short (60 secs) speed intervals. The monitor still shows the maximum 16kph Sometimes he forgets to reset the machine and some poor bugger gets on and sets it to their normal 12kph and ends up flying off the back of the machine.
    I was at the gym today and as there was nobody in I set four machines running at supposedly 16kph to do my speed session (16 x 2min at 16kph). Every machine felt slightly different and my heart rate monitor seemed to suggest a big difference between 'slowest' and 'fastest'.
    Any other views on this?
  • Have only ever used a treadmill for warming up (2 miles steady) before a gym session. All my running is done outdoors, so sorry haven't got a clue if treadmills are inaccurate. Very interesting though to note that they can be altered so easily.
  • Thanks Hilly :-)

    My experience with treadmills is that they vary vastly in pace - or at least can do. That's how it felt anyway, and my heart rate changes supported how I felt.
  • Iain, As I discovered they are set (often quite roughly) by gym staff so they end up all over the place. Great things for speed sessions though
  • Fascinating stuff. No scientific basis for this, but my obvservation is that running on a treadmill is much easier (even on an incline) than on the roads. Camber, incline, surface variations must all help to strengthen knees, ankles, hips etc

    Treadmills were great for getting me into running again as a beginner - I could set the incline high and walk fast to achieve a workout at a time when even slowest running made me dizzy and ill. Now I can run outside and get somewhere I now only use treadmills to pace a short speed session or to warm up for weights.
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