Strained hamstring

After suffering from occasional tightness in my left hamstring whilst running for the last 2 or 3 weeks , (despite warming up, stretching etc) it became more painful and frequent during my run on Christmas eve. I have now decided to substitute cycling for running for the time being. Anyone have any idea how long I need to avoid running for? I think the strain was caused by over ambitious speed work.


  • Be careful with the cycling - you could do further damage.
    Use easy gears and "spin" - don't try to grind out big gears on hills.
    Good luck with your recovery.
  • Yep, I've been doing stationary biking in the gym at fast 90-110 revs.I find it hard to get my pulse rate up to running levels doing this however. I don't want to substitute a quad or knee injury for a hamstring!
    Cornish Ironman; Do you place much value on hill reps using an outside bike for running training (especially hill running?)Cycling seems to be totally "hamstring pain free" so I wondered about doing some hill reps on the bike (again in lowish gears but going quite fast).
  • I think that riding hills helps build up strength in the Quads which should ultimately help with running.
    I try to ride hills in the saddle and not stand up unless absolutely necessary.
    What you are suggesting would be a good aerobic work out (wear a heart monitor and watch the reading rise!)
    I don't do specific hill sessions on the bike, but know some people that do.
    That said I do hill reps (running) on the sand dunes near where I live.

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