A question for non runners

A friend of mine has major problems with her feet that means that she has been told no to try running for at least a year. She would like to know if there are any events that are swim / bike only?

I have had a look on BTA site but all I can see are swim / run (Aquathon) and bike / run (Duathlon) but nothing swim / bike.

This seems strange given the frequency of injury in runners - any ideas or am I looking in the wrong places?


  • I've seen a couple that are no bike - but thats mainly winter. She could do a relay event I spose, but that's not ideal.

    What about just biking ?
  • Cheers Cougie - yeah I suggested that but she likes the triathlon atmosphere and is scared off by bike ponces I think - she only does the short distances and only does them "for fun". Her thoughts are that the bike people "take things far too seriously".

    The relay suggestion is a good one given my biking prowess...........
  • Griz are you planning a bike ride before Bala?
  • Yeah - bike ponces do take it all a bit seriously I'm afraid. Mountain biking is a lot easier to get into though ??
  • Oxy. I've been planning a bike ride since about October. I <<nervously shifts from foot to foot>> have managed about 20 minutes so far.

    Anyway thats a different thread. This is for my friend who can't run - and there are a few of us who have been there before. I can't see why there aren't any (that I can find) swim / bike only events.

    I'm looking into Aquathons..........
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