Training Session - Friday 27th

Does this mean I'm first or is there another thread I'm being too dopey to see?

What : 5k fast
Why : Need some speedwork

Last Rest : Christmas Day
Last Hard : Oh that was nearly a full week ago


  • Parky your first good luck on the speedwork.

    What: 8am 6+M xc steady. It was good to run in the daylight & on the footpaths nr home.

    What: pm 12 X 1min hills.

    Last rest: Fri seams a long time ago.

    Until then it's time to relax.

  • What - steady 10km.

    Last hard - Christmas Day.

    Last rest - yesterday (enforced due to illness).

    pm - swimming with the family
  • Morning all, no sign of any crispy sunny days yet.

    What: 8 miles @ marathon pace.
    Why: had to collect my car left at friends last night...and got thoroughly soaked in the rain.
    Haven't had a proper focus this week, must get back to some really hard sessions !
    Last hard: quite hard xmas eve, really hard, last week sometime.

    Off to swap xmas pressies in the shops now.
  • Howdy.

    What: am: 4km easy
    pm: 5km fast

    Why: wanna sharpen up on some speed work later

    Last Hard: Yesterday
    Last Rest: Xmas day

    see ya tomoz
  • ugh

    nasty head and chest cod still hanging about.

    nothing today - nothing for last 10 days. most vexed.
  • Afternoon all.

    What: 10 miles @ marathon pace. Feels so easy to run at this pace, infact I find myself speeding up naturally. It'll feel harder over more miles, I know.
    Why: marathon paced run
    Last hard:yesterday
    Last rest: Xmas day
  • Just a quick note to say it turned out to be 5k at lumbering mince pied up pace today instead of quick. Ahhh well a nice G&T will stop me feeling depressed. Pass the Maltesers someone...
  • Hi all,

    what: Treadmill: 10mins, 1.84K, flat, speed: started @10k/h up to 12K/h & finish @10k/h and x-trainers, leg press & weights.

    Why: Race on Sunday 29th!
    Last Hard: yesterday
    Last rest: Christmas Day

    Lovely day again in Somerset, shame on me should have run outside!
  • Afternoon everyone:

    What - hilly roads, about 12 miles, slower than marathon pace coz I had company
    Why - trainng for hilly Marathon
    Last hard - 4 mile race yesterday
    Last rest - Christmas Day whilst visited by the Ghost of Christmas Excess

    Lovely day in Bath too HMG :-)
  • Rest day today
  • Change in details.........

    What: am: 4km run
    pm: 1km jog to gym, then:

    1km @ 12kph
    1km @ 18kph
    1km @ 11kph
    1km @ 18kph
    1km @ 10kph

    Followed by lower/upper abs and obliques.
    1km jog back home

    Now for a 12 hr night shift at work.

    Anyone wanna swap!!
  • Will you do my54 hpur shift next weekend?
    Bugger, cant do yours
    Had gin
  • A change of plan to my 12 x 1min hills.
    Instead it went 8 x 2min hills [well nearly]

    2:03min, 2:06min, 2:03min, 2:01min
    1:59min, 1:54min, 1:50min, 1:52min

    average recovery at steady pace back down 2:40min

    I decided after the first 3, to motivate me further I would post these splits here. So I have & look what it did. I'm really pleased with this session.
    I used a well lit cycle path near my home as all the cyclist's still use the road.

    Tim :)
  • Hi all,
    had the worst run today since I started in May this year,
    Last run was monday, 6 mile, PB...
    Today 8 mile as usual on a friday, no energy legs wobbly and had to walk 3 times, (first time in 6 months), I put it down to missing my wednesday run, overeating and drinking, and a bit of a cold.
    I feel so down I just couldnt believe it, oh well back to normal next week.......

  • Gaz, careful, you sound ill
    dont overdo it, listen to your body
    Speedie, our treadies dont go up to 18kph
    just as well, id fall off
  • Thanks Benz,
    I will listen dont worry, think I pushed it a bit too much....

    Cheers, Gaz.......
  • what: a) Drive to Helsby en famille & familiarise myself with the ½ marathon course.
    b) Friday tempo run

    why: a) it was looking quite a nice day and with 23 days to go, wanted to see what I will have to face up to. Also set the trip mileometer on the car to get my own idea of where the mile markers should be. (Incidentally, it read exactly 13.1 by the finish - this actually surprised me)

    b) was due another hard session.

    last hard day: Tue
    last rest day: Mon
    last long day: Sun

    Having seen the course and had another pretty poor outing this evening, I think I'll have to reset my target.
    84 mins might still be possible if training goes wonderfully from Sunday onwards and I run the perfect race in perfect conditions (today would have been as near as you could get).
    Conversely, if it's any 2 of windy/cold/wet, and I find myself getting isolated from about 7½ miles onwards, where the course starts to climb coming into Mouldsworth, things could go badly pear-shaped....
    They did on tonight's run after about 5 miles (32:45 at that point) - began to suffer (as I do occasionally) from "sloshing guts" - when I can hear and feel the contents of my digestive system sloshing around inside me. Basically caused by wind; can require an urgent short notice trip to the loo. That knowledge led to motivation & speed dropping significantly. Reached 8 miles in 53:30 before deciding to call it a day.
    Ho hum....
  • 60 mins steady on treadmill. About 11 kms. Part of marathon training plan.
  • mike, looks like youre just going thru a rough patch. it'll end sooner or later, don't worry.

    what: nothing,

    comments: this is bad, got to run, or i think i'll explode.
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