Getting back to running

I haven't run for 4 weeks because of a sore leg. Do I have to start from the beginning or do I just try running for as long as I can (about 10K on a good day!).
What about this 10% a week increase business?


  • XRT

    I couldn't run for 4 weeks and have just started again. I have managed 2 10k runs and a couple of shorter runs. I was Ok, if a bit slower untill I went to the gym and ran a bit faster than I'm used to. That killed my knees.

    If you have probs with your kness I'd keep off the speed work til your muscles have strengthened again.

    Good luck and good running :-)
  • Oh re 10%

    I'm going to try 8 miles this weekend and 10 the next, but I won't go too far from home just in case.
  • Carmel -- When I restart I'll be restarting with walking - si it could be worse (snigger) seriously, I wouldn't overdo things to start with. Maybe start at about halfway through the schedules and gradually increase..? Not sure. When I went back to the gym after my surgery I had been away 2 weeks and just went straight back in and was fine but the more experienced runners say you lose some fitness after about 3 weeks. Not much help am I :o)
  • Muscle is definitely turning to flab and it's horrible, but I'm determined to be a runner once more!
  • I have not been running for 2 weeks after illness, the problem is I feel like my body is expanding by the day, I have a 4 mile run, 6 mile and 8.5 mile so I am going to start with the 4 mile and build up again. Does anybody else find there motivation flops in winter?
  • it flops with my belly JR !
  • I can sympathise - I had my appendix out last Saturday. I'm feeling pretty good again now but my wife is insisting that I keep off running. I guess she's right but I can feel my waistline bulging. It's hard to suddenly step down from 3000kcals a day to a more sedentary 2000!
  • Over the past four months I been plagued by injuries and colds etc each time I restart running it seems harder than the last. I have the motivation to run but find that my body keeps protesting and I get very demoralised. I definately think the gloomy, short days and miserable weather don't help.
    Oops that all sounds very negtive for the festive season, sorry!
  • Thanks for the replys! I am sure it is all in the mind, only bonus went out today and felt ok, still find there is nothing better than running on a sunny day. Have joined a gym but the tread mill is so boring I can do much better outside. My goal is to start a fresh from today and fight on until the sun comes back. Happy Running!!
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