We all like running

I really enjoy watching a good marathon unfold better than most films. Any athletics that's on tv I watch & I go the Crystal Palace each year. It's the distance events I like most but do enjoy some of the field events.
The other sports I watch are triathlon & I'm really into the Tour De France. I've now got sky to watch more top tours. I like some sking & think the biathlon is a really tough event.

What Do your like & why? please.



  • I actually don't like sport and very rarely watch it on TV. I used to go to Rugby matches at Uni but for very dubious reasons :-)

    I do like the more obsure sports in the olympics tho.
  • Hi there,

    I like the hockey, as I used to play it v. enthusiastically, but it's rarely on.

    If you mean to include things other than sports, I also enjoy playing acoustic guitar and writing music, because nothing makes me feel better than they do :)
  • Besides running and triathlon, which obviously means I like swimming and cycling too, I'm into skiing (both Alpine and cross-country) when there's any snow around, and weight training. Absolutely hooked on watching biathlon, never miss one if I can help it, and I always watch Tour de France while riding our indoor bike trainer.
    Non-sports things - cooking, reading,films...and I'm sure you all know by now my other big hobby is dog training.
  • Actually I can generally get through the half hour Tour de France prog on C4 but again for very dodgy reasons.
  • Love to go to Elland Road to cheer on Super-whites and like to go to the races. York is my favourite, but Donny is fine too. Love to cook as well.

    Hey have you noticed, its the same 8-10 of us moving en-masse from thread to thread like rampaging hordes!
  • reckon you're right EP
  • Three weeks bl**dy holiday :-( the more you pay the less you get.

    I must go and get dressed soon.
  • yes because jumper no 1 is off for 3 weeks. I have to fit work in around her.
  • Sorry Tim for hijacking your thread.

    It's chimps fault :-)
  • Josie - do they still do the C4 T de F prog? thought it was all on Eurosport exclusively these days.

    and who said Elland Road "super-whites"?

    'off-whites' more like!
  • Yeah, there's not very many on here, I've been jumping from thread to thread, over on the DS there's not a soul to be seen, briefly met PPF there before we both returned to the General threads. Does this mean most forumites have found better things to do? Or is it, as I suspect, that most don't have a home pc and do all their posting at work????
  • Oh yes, I keep forgetting we're an hour ahead of you. Maybe the late risers are all out doing it in their new shoes.
  • Or running Ironwolf

  • Channel 4 stopped doing tour de france when they started doing cricket though I think the EPO scandal made the decision easier for them. Problem with eurosport coverage is the german adverts and that bloody commentator.

    Used to love Tour but went off it following EPO scandal. They have random tests and hey! suddenly Virenque and Pantani cant climb mountains anymore!

    Being serious (v briefly) its one of the things I admire about Paula, her stance against drugs. Nothing kills sport like drug scandals.
  • Hey everyone. Go to the "how old are you" thread. Iain has cracked runner's age!!!
  • I've only been out at homebase a sort while & come back to all this.
    By the way I'm at home when on the PC because I don't use one at work. Not much use when laying bricks!!!!!!

    Other thing's I like when not running are....
    reading, cooking, music, films, & I've just got a little into gardening as well.

  • You could lay virtual bricks Tim.
  • I'll second Chimp's thoughts on Paula's stance against drugs.

    I saw a sprinter (think it was Darren Campbell) on TV a couple of months back saying that if Paula got her drinks spiked it was her own fault for kicking up a fuss about drugs. True in a way I suppose, she's a lot less likely to get hassle if she keeps her mouth shut, but she has principles and acts on them, which is something I admire. To suggest that she "deserves" to get her drinks spiked because she speaks out against cheats is bull as far as I'm concerned.
  • I agree on Paula's stance against drugs.
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