Ronhill DXB's

Given the wet weather at the moment, I was thinking of getting some Ronhill DXB's.

Are they worth the extra over ordinary Tracksters and does the waterproofing work ?


  • I got some recently and thought they were good (in so far as they didnt make me look like Max Wall)
    -have washed them in Persil - contrary to instructions so dont know if I've ruined waterproofing or not
  • Andrew,

    I have both kinds of tracksters and the DXB is a bit more waterproof - up to a point. When it really tips it down they get wet.

    So, not sure if worth the extra money. Keep you a bit dryer in short runs or when rain is not that heavy.

    The main problem is not being able to stick them in the normal wash (as described by Gay Al) - a bit of a pain.
  • went out tonight in a torrent - eventually "felt" wet
    but when I took them off my thighs were quite dry
  • I bought a pair of these. Took 'em out in steady (but not torrential) rain and couldn't spot any difference at all from the standard tracksters, apart from the price.

    My advice is to save your money, or go for expensive but (seemingly) proven kit like the latest Nike stuff.

  • Ah! I was going to say that I couldn't tell the difference except the fit wasn't as good - but then I never noticed they are meant to be a persil free zone...

    If it is just wet I think bare legs end up warmest as there is no soggy material sticking to them. But then I have apparently ruined my DXB's and never tried any fancy leggings.
  • The special washing is a pain, because of this I tend to use my normal ones, so I dont get the DXB's dirty !
    When I have washed them, i've just bunged them in the machine with no detergent.
    My general experience of waterproofed leg wear is that at first they work fine but after a while the waterproofing wears off.
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