Very Worried

3 weeks ago I signed up to the Nike 10 K run as I need some encouragement to get back into the gym. 2 weeks ago my company said they were going to send me abroad for 3 months, so thinking I wouldn't be around I stopped training.
I have just found out that I am not going to be abroad for the race anymore and I am worried that 5 weeks isn't enough time to prepare for the 10K race from scratch.
Any advice?


  • How scratchy is scratch, Gemini? What are you capable of doing at the moment? Not just running, but other sports too. And are you in good physical health?

    Cheers, V-rap.
  • For 2 years I used to go to the gym 3-4 times a week to do 2 circuit classes, a weight class and a cardio class however its been about 2 months since I have done that.
    Good physical health, well I smoke but apart from that yes.
    My main problem is even when I was going to the gym regularly I didnt go running as I hate it (sorry!)
    Soop to sum up, when I say from scratch it is pretty much from scratch!

  • oh but forgot to mention this is a pride thing and am willing to do whatever it takes to make it without dying. Have already given up drinking and biscuits. Fags will go too and quite willing to train 7 days a week
  • Well done, Gemini. Sounds as if you're going to do this wretched race or expire in the process.

    Don't train seven days a week! You do need to start running, though, and if you have gym membership then grab a passing personal trainer and enlist their support. Get on the treadmill, set the incline to 1% and ease up to brisk walking pace, keep that going for a couple of minutes then step up the pace so that it's ONLY JUST too fast to walk, and jog at that speed. It might not be much more than 4mph, but that's you running. Do that until you get bored or a bit breathless, ease down, cool off by walking then do the same again. The whole session should take no more than 15-20 minutes.

    Be sure to get good running shoes. Another worthwhile exercise is to go out and walk 10K just to see what the distance feels like. Measure the time - that's your 10K baseline on which you will, with training, improve mightily over 5 weeks. It will also prove to you that you will finish that race even if you walk it all.

    Run, walk or do a mixture on three days a week, and do a different form of exercise on at least one other day. If you'd like to use another piece of CV equipment to warm up, that's fine.

    Keep us posted about your progress.

    Cheers, V-rap.

  • thanks for your advice, I've just been to the gym (before I read your reply), , did a 2 minute fast walk to warm up, 20 minutes run at 8km/ph and then 10 minutes at fast walk 7km/ph
    Now I'm starving :)
  • Gemini...I did my first 5 mile race after 4 weeks of training, and even then only one night a week. I had no problems physically doing it but the mental hurdle was the hardest, knowing the lack of running I had done. Our club coach said to me 'OK...Can you exercise for an hour?....If you can then, run a mile, walk a minute, repeat until finish'

    So..start now, run a bit and keep it sensible. Try to get a judge for your pace. Try not to go out too fast on the day.

    I should add to this that I was in good shape cardiovascularly having swum 3 times a week for a year and having just completed a 5k swim but had never run a mile.
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