sore knee help!

Help - the last two runs I have done my left knee has been really sore on the outside .
I haven't done anything different stretching wise and I have been running for over ten years.
Any suggestions? I rested it for two weeks, ran again and it started to kill after 3 minutes.
And I need to run the festive flab off!


  • Knee pain can be due to several reasons of course.
    Did you increase your mileage quickly or do anything different at all ? could be "runners Knee" which can ne due to several factors.
    I had bad knee 2y ago when training for FLM. Due to combo of tight hammies and also the Iliotibial tract- So strecthed alot and saw physio which helped.
    See your GP to rule out any other cause or see sports physio for a r/v. REst would normally help most but 2w was a good rest you had.
    I think there is a good website called " KICK" which discusses stretches/etc..
    Let me know how it goes....
  • I am in the same position as you. My sore knee was caused by banging it on my desk at work about 4 wks. I feel it most when I go up and down the stairs. Do gels like IBULEVE or TRAXAM help or do they just numb the pain? I am supposed to be training for FLM and have not run for 3 wks as I am trying to rest it but it's still sore. Not sure what to do next run or continue resting. Any advice welcome....
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