Pertex vs Goretex

I'm looking for a waterproof top for fell running and was thinking of spending around £100 on a Concurve goretex jacket. However I've been advised to get a Pertex top e.g. Mardale Aerolite instead because goretex isn't breathable enough.

I live in the peak district and it's always pi**ing it down but I tend to run hard so would be prone to overheating.

Any suggestions would be welcome.


  • Andrew, The Concurve jackets are a great buy but you might like to consider the Karrimor Vail Goretax Paclite. It's £30 more but I've been using one for more than a year on the moors and fells and it's been great. Paclite is the lightest Goretex fabric and ideal to put in a bumbag for fell running.

    Don't know who gave you the recommendation for the Pertex but perhaps you should have asked how waterproof it is. A couple of hours up High Peak in the hissing rain will provide your answer.

    Go for the Goretex. No contest.
  • Thanks Ed, I looked on the Karrimor website and could only find a Phantom or a Vapour jacket, is it one of those ?
  • Pertex is generally best for sitting in your bum bag. Goretex will actually keep you dry (and alive, come to that)
  • Greyhound, Agree with that but I reckon pac-lite is about same weight as Pertex
  • I already have a dirt cheap non-breathable PU nylon jacket and pants that sits in the bumbag to satisfy race regulations. I would never run in them.

    What I want is something that I can comfortably run in when its raining. I looked at the Vail and it doesn't look very breathable since it doesn't have any vents, I believe that paclite is slightly less breathable than regular goretex. Do you run for prolonged periods in yours or do you just put it on if it starts to rain as a last resort ?
  • Paclite is lighter than traditional goretex, it's slightly less breathable. That said nothing's very breathable when you're running.

    Pertex is more breathable than both, its windproof, water resistant but certaintly not waterproof and will let in rain in a downpour.
  • have pertex bufalo mountain shirt exellent for keeping out the wind i live in south england but pertex isnt waterproof go for gortex
  • I wouldn't go for a jacket if you are prone to over heating. Try a gilet - best thing I ever bought. Keeps all (except arms obviously!!) dry and you won't overheat!! I can't run in a jacket for the same reason - I just get too warm.
  • I've got a gilet and I agree that its an invaluable piece of kit. I use it to keep the wind out at this time of year and also for light showers in summer.

    I really need a proper waterproof though, for running in the rain at this time of year, long runs with wet arms in windy sub-zero temperatures is not my idea of fun.
  • LizzyBLizzyB ✭✭✭
    I run on the hills, often in temperatures down to -10 (I don't live in the UK), but sometimes in driving rain.

    I wear a lightweight pertex when it's cold but I know it's not going to rain, sometimes with a thermal underneath - even in -10, it's all I need (and I'm a nesh southerner!

    If there's a hint of rain, it's a thermal (or two) and a Lowe Alpine Triplepoint jacket (£80)- lighter than similar goretx jckets. Keeps me wrm and dry, but heavier thn option #1.

    But as the weather warms up, you can't beat filet - I've got a £15 wndproof flouro one, which I bought in a bike shop.

    So my v. unhelpful answer is ... you need all three so that you're prepred, whtever the weather!
  • Paclite is _more_ breathable than traditional goretex, not less. eVent fabrics are similar in performance to Paclite, but is rated by those in the know as performing better.
  • David - have you spent over two years composing that reply?
  • I'll let you know in 2007.
  • its 07 ;)
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  • Er.... Give me another month or two can you!
    People are so impatient nowadays.
  • Tee hee hee hee !
  • Yes, it took me that long... I spent most of the time thinking about the first word. After that it all sort of gushed out.

    There. I've said it.
  • Thanks for all of your advice, I'm going to rush straight out and buy one.
  • ah the impetuousness of youth

    when I was a lad we waited at least 2 decades before deciding on a purchase


  • No point rushing these decisions but remember the old saying "Buy cheap, buy twice".

    I think the original poster now resides in an old folks home.

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