How should track spikes fit, ideally?

I just recieved a pair of Nike Eldoret II through the post, and I'm contemplating returning them. They fit perfectly in terms of width, both in the heel & forefoot. However, theres about 1/2 an inch of extra toebox space forward of my middle three tows (i.e. not the big or little ones). Is it unrealistic to expect spikes to fit any better than this? Will the extra room make them un-usable for me? Its the first pair of 'proper' track spikes I've invested in & I dont want to make a mistake...


  • KK/RB, I have a pair of Asics Corridos, which I wear for X-Country and track MD. I got a size bigger than I normally wear, even though Asics usually fit in your normal size. The width is good, but there is space at the end of the toe box, which makes the shoes look long on my foot. However, I run well in them and have had no injury problems. I guess you are OK so long as your foot doesn't slip around in the shoe, which could cause black toenail if you run distance.
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