Sore Calves

Help, I am getting too old for this game!

I am currently recovering from ITB syndrome and haven't done any running since the GNR. I have been on the treadmill at the gym though, just plodding along with no major problems. Today I tried my first run outside and had to stop after about 800m.

The outside front of my shins hurt so much I couldn't lift my foot up on my right leg, even walking was a drama!

What ever is this?

PLease can someone help!

Many thanks,




  • Hi Zandra,
    I would get it checked out by a sports physio if I were you. I'm no expert but it sounds as if you have either very bad shin splints or even possibly a stress fracture. If the latter it will mean no running for about 6 weeks. Seriously though get it checked, hopefully it will be shin splints which are painful but not so serious.

    Good luck!
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