when time is short

well, this was brought on by the experiences over xmas, where time was just so short and in the end the runs got sacraficed for the sake of sanity and peace all around.

i was wondering if anyone out there has discovered a session you can fit into bout 20minutes which gives a good workout, strenuous and makes you feel like you have actually done something worthwhile, even if you haven't got out for your normal midweek run.

p.s: i know that you can do a fair speed session in 20 mintes, but you still have to warm up and down, that's why i was so interested when the Cornish Ironman mentioned a turbo session.........



  • 20 mins isn't long!

    When I was in this position when Matthew was born (see another thread on this forum) there was a 4.28K (approx 2 2/3 mile) road course I would go out and thrash. In those days, I'd manage 15:30 or better; alas now.....

    Some suggestions:

    2 mins jog warm-up
    3 mins of strides
    2 miles/3K thrash - mr maximal effort
    15 secs draped over wall at finish
    ~2 mins jog warm down

    Alternatively, maybe an acceleration run?
    Start from 7 minute mile pace - run at that for 2 mins; increase by say 15 secs per mile up to say 6 minute mile pace - then what you do from that point depends on your ability. Leave 5 mins to warm down in.
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